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Shotgun and Super Shotgun - Lee_Stricklin - 03-22-2010

The Streetsweeper is pretty much a copycat of the Nexuiz shotgun while the Super Streetsweeper is based off an idea proposed by C Brutail a while back. I used two Unreal Tournament 99 references, one UC2 reference, and one Perfect Dark classic reference to better explain the roles of each weapon.

Description: Xonotic's Enforcer. It's a weapon you spawn with, it packs a small punch, is the easiest to use, but is NEVER the best weapon for a given situation.

Image/look I'm thinking of: Single barrel, drum magazine, similar sites to one used on Nexuiz' shotgun. Because this is a more all-around assault weapon, it may be a good idea to place the drum magazine behind the handle.

Primary: Uses a single shell to pop a semi-accurate shot

Secondary: A burst of three shots at a third of the accuracy

Super Streetsweeper
Description: Xonotic's close-range Flak Cannon and Skedar Reaper. Devastating in close-range encounters.

Image/look I'm thinking of: Double barrel, drum magazine with sites that look similar to the ones on Unreal Championship 2's Ripjack and Flak Cannon weapons. (I'll upload pics later to describe what I'm talking about). Drum magazine definitely placed in front of the handle.

Primary: Pops off a powerful shot that is devastating at close range (think Nexuiz 2.5.2 shotgun primary fire), but useless past medium ranges.

Secondary: Revs up and proceeds to unload the weapon at an alarming rate. The longer the secondary is held, the more inaccurate the weapon becomes. A single secondary shot does less damage than a primary shot.

RE: Shotgun and Super Shotgun - Lee_Stricklin - 03-23-2010

Links to Unreal Championship 2 Rpjack for reference to get an idea of what I'm talking about on what the front sites on the Super Streetsweeper would look like.


RE: Shotgun and Super Shotgun - Trev_Nacho - 03-23-2010

sounds epic, i always liked the idea of a pick-up, 'real' shotgun for nexuiz. You guys are doing such a good job keep it up Smile