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Bigger Exit Button - aa - 11-16-2013

Currently, the exit button in the main menu is too small and low and often can not be seen, especially in windowed mode, or even not noticed. I suggest for i to be made two times higher then now

RE: Bigger Exit Button - Maddin - 11-16-2013

Why want you the exit button to be taller? Tongue Don´t exit the game, play Xonotic! Big Grin

Now seriously, it may should be a bit bigger but not that much. I think it´s mostly fine how it is now. Did never struggle to properly hit the exit button.

RE: Bigger Exit Button - Greaserpirate - 11-16-2013

Hide the exit so people never, ever leave.. muahaha

RE: Bigger Exit Button - aa - 11-17-2013

Xonotic world domination again..

RE: Bigger Exit Button - Cyber Killer - 11-19-2013

Just press F10

RE: Bigger Exit Button - Lee_Stricklin - 11-19-2013

I think the exit button should immediately connect the player to the closest populated server with less than 100 ping. That would be friggin hilarious as an April fools joke or something.

RE: Bigger Exit Button - unfa - 12-18-2013

I like how F10 worked some time ago - it closed the game at once without asking questions.
Now I have to use the mouse to press "Yes" in the popup window after I press F10 (no, it's insufficient to press Enter).

How about making the F10 double-press (tap, tap!) make the game close immediately (without mediation)? Or at least F10+ENTER...

This would still be pretty good prevention for accidental exiting as I guess this is why the process was complicated - because some guys didn't notice that F10 is a shortcut, not only a shiny button that we can press every now and then to enjoy the sound it makes while we (get)frag(ged by) some noobs, yay? (forgive me the bitterness)

Or maybe I'm just using an outdated version?

RE: Bigger Exit Button - Halogene - 12-18-2013

you can bind the command "quit" to F10, then it closes without the dialog. I did that long time ago :o)

RE: Bigger Exit Button - Mirio - 12-18-2013

unfa, you are not on an outdated version.

That change some time ago makes sense, because like you said: you can push that key by accident easily. Happens to me too, but more often with F11 (disconnects from server).
Also it prevents stupid "Press F10 for blabla"-trolling being successful.

What Halogene said to "fix" that. Smile

RE: Bigger Exit Button - Mr. Bougo - 12-18-2013

I like the idea of double-tap though!

RE: Bigger Exit Button - raffi98 - 12-23-2013

What would be really cool, is to allow answering the quit question with the keyboard.
I already binded a key for forcing quit, so dont bother suggest it to me.
what i am asking are the classic and simple y and n shortcuts (or F1 and F2 to respect a sort of logic), so that keyboard shortcuts fans could be satisfied, and would also allow to complete the quitting process without having to grab the mouse just for one last question. Which at this point is frustrating, as the force quit button won't work unless you come back in a game...

F1 for F1/F2 !! (or y/n) after hitting Esc to quit

RE: Bigger Exit Button - unfa - 12-23-2013

This makes sense.

We could combine everything into:

.png   rect3867.png (Size: 38.04 KB / Downloads: 37)

- double tap works
- has feedback and warning
- allows using keyboard (fast operation)
- allows using mouse (new users)
- displays explicitly how it works
- looks great

RE: Bigger Exit Button - raffi98 - 12-24-2013

double tap seems great but might have a drawback: from the main menu, if you innocently press Esc to quit the game then you would have to reach for F10 key - which is nearly at an opposite position on the keyboard..

Enter/Esc for y/n could also be good, as the enter key is usually bigger and easier to find than F10. So that even after pressing Esc to quit you could easily (even blindly - or in the dark) jump on Enter to validate....