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New player (and maybe developer?) - vizhu - 12-01-2013

Hey guys. I'm fairly new, and I have already made a thread without introducing myself.

I'm a fan of both Quake and UT, and I really believe that Xonotic is going in the right direction and will hopefully get ahead of both of them in the future.

As for developing, I have a little knowledge of c++, does that help much? And where should I start contributing, I've never been in an open source community before, so all this project management and mailing lists and bug reporting systems and whatnot are a bit confusing for me.

RE: New player (and maybe developer?) - Mirio - 12-01-2013


the developement IRC channel is #xonotic at FreeNode.

RE: New player (and maybe developer?) - Maddin - 12-02-2013

Welcome then! Smile

For a good starting point to develop things you may want to read these:
Generally you should have a look here: dev.xonotic.org

If you´ve got any questions then you can ask them in the IRC channel Mirio posted above.