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[CTF Map] Escher - Vael - 05-19-2010

Consider this released! Hooray!

Working on a map and learning to map at the same time. Just posting revisions here to keep a repository of the changes. Look at, comment and make changes as you see fit. Ompload changes and put a link here.

Currently i'm having a small problem with some textures not showing. I'm having some folks look at it to see if they have any ideas. For now i have some other things to do. No screenshots yet, but when i'm closer to being finished I'll put some up.

CURRENT VERSION: http://omploader.org/vNGs2MQ/escher_v1r2.pk3


[Image: tNGs2Zg]

[Image: tNGs2Zw]

[Image: tNGs2aA]

[Image: tNGs2aQ]

[Image: tNGs2ag]

RE: Map: Escher - Cortez666 - 05-19-2010

just compiled it and tested it.

there are no texture issues, everything works fine.

i tested it with nexuiz 2.5.2

RE: Map: Escher - MintOX - 05-19-2010

I took a look around it in radiant. Looking good so far, seems like all the textures are there.


RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 05-19-2010

Thats really weird. Both accident and I had the same problem when compiling it. Mint, I had the issue after I compiled the map and loaded it in nexuiz. All the textures were there in Netradiant. Maybe its an issue with Netradiant on OSX?

RE: Map: Escher - -z- - 05-20-2010

screenshots, screenshots, screenshots.

Please, always post screenshots when you share maps.

You can use http://pics.nexuizninjaz.com or the forum attachment feature.

RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 05-20-2010

I was getting there, I said I'd post them soon. You got ants in your pants or somethin? Big Grin

So here we have a map that's mostly symmetrical. The flag bases and staging areas for both teams are the same, only the middle breaks the symmetry some with different angles on the walls dividing the middle into three paths. I still need to light the middle properly, but we're getting closer to a finished product here.

Red Flag Base
[Image: tNGRmZw]

Red Staging Area
[Image: tNGRmaA]

Map middle, showing mortar. In the middle between the two overhangs is a Nex and some ammo.
[Image: tNGRmaQ]

Blue's Mega and Floaty Blocks
[Image: tNGRmag]

This is the area where the textures were missing in my build. The big wall on the left is a single large wall, so I'm really puzzled as to why some of it isn't showing up. The ramp wall on the right also is missing.
[Image: tNGRmaw]

RE: Map: Escher - Roanoke - 05-20-2010

(05-20-2010, 09:50 PM)Vael Wrote: so I'm really puzzled as to why some of it isn't showing up. The ramp wall on the right also is missing.
Sounds like a caulking error.

RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 05-20-2010

Can you expand on that idea? I'm still new to mapping. I've recaulked those brushes a couple times and still have the error. Or is it a caulking error within the program?

RE: Map: Escher - Sepelio - 05-21-2010

Vael - Can you repost the screenshots with your fov set to 90 please? Whatever your fov is just now warps them a heck of a lot. I cant tell if you have stretched your textures excessively or if its just the fov distortion.

RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 05-21-2010

Screenshots with 90degree FOV.

Flag Base
[Image: tNGRvdQ]

Red Staging Area
[Image: tNGRvdg]

[Image: tNGRvdw]

Blue mega and floaty blocks
[Image: tNGRveA]

Middle to Blue Staging Area
[Image: tNGRveQ]

Also, I fixed the issue with those textures not showing up. I think it was an issue with the portals not being created properly. Everything shows now after some movement and re-arrangment.

RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 05-21-2010


*- Lighted middle pathways.
*- Fixed missing texture issue.
*- added overhang to one middle side path.
*- added ramp to other middle side path.
*- added a third tunnel segment to side which originally had only two.

Current Map File

RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 05-22-2010

Updated for first release.

* - Jumppads for Rocket Launchers in bases added
* - Teleporters added, they're kindof hard to find but thats what I wanted
* - changed some lighting to make the lighting less splotchy.

Current Map File

RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 06-02-2010

escher_v1b1 now available!


* - Invisible ledges for quick, easy access to certain areas.
* - Hint lighting for teleporters.
* - Refined some ramps to prevent players from catching on them.
* - Completely redesigned staging area, screenshots to follow.
* - Flipped red base so the turn is the same coming into both bases.
* - Added more health and ammo.
* - Podium for nex to make it harder to grab.

Current Map File

Nex podium:
[Image: tNGhnNw]

Staging Area 1:
[Image: tNGhnOA]

Staging Area 2:
[Image: tNGhnOQ]

Staging Area 3:
[Image: tNGhnYQ]

The Hint:
[Image: tNGhnYg]

RE: Map: Escher - Vael - 06-09-2010

Updated version!

* - Floaty blocks
* - Hid shield room, so map feels smaller and its harder to access
* - Raised roof some
* - Removed some health and nex ammo
* - Fixed and added trickjumps