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Evil Ant Hill - Melanosuchus - 12-23-2013

Evil Ant Hill, EAC clan server.

This server has already been online for a while anyway here are all the details:

IP: offline
Location: Europe/France Canada
Stats: http://stats.xonotic.org/server/392
Mutators: Minsta+Hook
Admins: Floris Melanosuchus
Nades: votable with nades and nonades. When enabled a standard nade is available by pressing G (drop weapon), a bonus "special" nade is given if you get 6 frags in a row.
Game types: votable: dm, tdm, dom, ft, inf, jb, kh
All game types are selectable with a voting screen at the end of each match.
Other Votes:
  • shut_up name_or_id and dont_shut_up name_or_id to mute/unmute players
  • teams number to change the number of teams (restarts the current game)
  • zombie/nozombie toggles the zombie apocalipse mutator (restarts the current game)
  • duel/noduel toggles duel (1v1 dm) and disables the gametype voting screen
Quickmenu: There's a custom quickmenu available with settings and commands.
Ponies: Of course we have them!

Mod: https://github.com/MarioSMB/esk-modpack/
Misc scripts: https://github.com/mbasaglia/Xonotic-EAC-Scripts

Channel: #eac.xonotic on QuakeNet
Operators: All EAC members
Prefix messages with minsta to have them seen in the server.
Players can prefix a message with !admin and the admins will be notified on IRC
To list the active players in the server highlight the server bot and say minsta who

RE: Evil Ant Hill - Smilecythe - 12-26-2013

Your server is my hero!

RE: Evil Ant Hill - Melanosuchus - 04-27-2014

The server has been moved to North America and the map list has been significantly reduced.
Everything else remains the same.