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Blog Self-promotion thread - machine! - 02-02-2014

There is such a wide array of different people here and would be fun to see what kinds of topics different people are into. So feel free to share a link to your blog along with a little description what you write about It's also ok to share any blog you find interesting.


* You need to provide description
* Please try keep this thead self-promotion formost, if you know a *really* nice blog then sure
* Halgone's rule below applies aswell

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - rocknroll237 - 02-02-2014

I write a blog on why blog self promotion is bad. Tongue

Nah, but I did have an old one here: http://rantsaboutgames.blogspot.co.uk/ Haven't updated this one for a while!

I guess you could say my moddb articles for Star Wars: BattleCry are kinda like a blog here: http://www.moddb.com/games/star-wars-battlecry/news

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - Halogene - 02-02-2014

Since this thread is somehow destined to attract search engine optimization posts, I announce hereby that I will remove links that people post if they don't have at least a minimum post count on this forum with posts related to Xonotic already. I won't allow people to post a link to any site in this thread if it is their only post for sure.

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - poVoq - 02-03-2014

I am one on the authors of http://freegamer.blogspot.com a blog about open-source and Free Software games (and game development). AMA :p

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - Antibody - 02-03-2014

I write often to my personal site, http://antzucaro.com. It's titled "Random Thoughts and Geekery," so you can guess what I put on there. Of course there's a Xonotic category where I've put the majority of my videos and Elo posts, but I use it mostly to publish my photography for anyone who is interested.

Like most of what I do in the software/web world, the entire blog structure and formation is open source (the photography is not, however). It's written using the Go programming language with the Hugo static site generator.

One caveat is that I just converted this site over from using another static site generator (I used Blogofile for years), so I'm still working out some kinks. In particular, embed <script>s are being unintentionally filtered out as malicious. Anyway, I hope you folks enjoy!

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - kojn^ - 02-04-2014

I have a blog about sports trading - or rather mainly about me trading and my thoughts, progress etc, that I have operated for about 7 months how. Will post the link if it's deemed 'acceptable'.

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - machine! - 02-05-2014

I don't see an unaccaptable in that. Wink

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - Halogene - 02-05-2014

No need to ask for permission unless it's something NSFW (dunno about your thoughts Tongue)

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - Smilecythe - 02-05-2014

(02-05-2014, 04:51 AM)Halogene Wrote: No need to ask for permission unless it's something NSFW
I guess I'm not welcome then Big Grin

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - Mr. Bougo - 02-09-2014

(02-05-2014, 01:05 PM)Smilecythe Wrote:
(02-05-2014, 04:51 AM)Halogene Wrote: No need to ask for permission unless it's something NSFW
I guess I'm not welcome then Big Grin

Yup, I'm sorry about that but we've been over this already :X

I think you're a valuable person in this community though, if that can make you feel better.

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - Smilecythe - 02-09-2014

(02-09-2014, 11:13 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Yup, I'm sorry about that but we've been over this already :X

I've made a peace with that already, besides it's not really a blog anyway. Well.. kinda, but perhaps not as self-sustaining as OP had in mind.

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - machine! - 02-10-2014

Well, purpose of the thread was simply to share your own blog, and saying what its about if someone else here on forum is interested. I'm not to judge what these topics includes but if it's not allowed on the forum anyway no reason to post it. Wink

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - NetMassimo - 02-16-2014

My blog http://english.netmassimo.com/ covers a number of topics: technology, ranging from computer science to space missions; science, mainly astronomy and biology; book reviews, mosty science fiction with the occasional horror and fantasy; television, mostly Doctor Who-related; also sports, mainly basketball and tennis; occasionally other topics if I'm in the mood.

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - Justin - 02-17-2014

It is not mine but very high quality and worth posting. Check this out:

RE: Blog Self-promotion thread - [CISN] Neigdoig - 08-30-2023

It may not be a blog, but I think this is the next best thing:

I have a YouTube channel I happened to operate (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Vpn7XEztDguhoo2judcZQ) (https://inv.tux.pizza/channel/UC1Vpn7XEztDguhoo2judcZQ) that deals with gaming in general on Linux, and teaching people Linux concepts (from what I can tell at least), as well as helping them install certain games that people seem to have trouble with installing. There are a few Xonotic videos also produced on this channel, but it's primarily InstaGib shenanigans (Hey, I'll main InstaGib to my grave). Even though it's not a blog, I hop you understand this being the next best thing I have to offer.