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Best way to play on virtual LAN - simbian - 02-04-2014

Hello, i would like to play with a friend on "virtual LAN" via Internet.

I read that Hamachi is enough obsolete, which one will be the best?

I found that Evolve-HQ supports the game, anyone tried it?

It needs some configurations?

P.S.: i run Windows 8.1


RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - Halogene - 02-04-2014

Why would you want to do that? You can always just start a server, make it public and share the IP address with your friends. All your friends that know the IP address can connect, and the server will not show up in the public server list unless you do additional configuration.

RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - simbian - 02-04-2014

Hello Halogene, thanks for the reply, that's so good, i will try it :-)

By now i always started the executable Xonotic x64, is this ok? (not dedicated, SDL)

and what i must do? there are any settings? (configuration file, ports to be opened...)

Thanks in advice and sorry for newbie questions!

RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - Pendulla - 02-04-2014

Do not use 64 bit executables. They don'twork well afaik. Maybe they are fixed in the meantime but I doubt it. Use 32bit gfx or sdl. Sdl will not let you alt-tab tho.

Edit: I just realized that you are talking about server executables. I am not sure about those. I was talking about starting the client.

RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - tZork - 02-04-2014

SDL or not has no consequence wrt running a "listen" (non dedicated) server, differences are (mainly) in how it handle user input and screen. It works fine running the server this way, however you may get better and more stable performance by running a client and and dedicated server on your machine. If you go with the listen server way, all the configuration can be done from the multiplayer window, create tab. If you should opt for a dedicated, its a bit more (though not terribly) complicated. Have a look in xonotic/Docs/faq.html and xonotic/server/readme.txt for more info (including what port it use).

RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - simbian - 02-04-2014

thanks tZork so i will try do it simply from the Create tab of multiplayer, i don't think i need a dedicated, i just want to play with a friend online :-)

@Pendulla: by the way i used x64 executable just because my OS is 64bit, i didn't experienced any problem until now playing the single campaign mode.

RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - Halogene - 02-04-2014

I'm using 64bit executable on Linux since Xonotic 0.1 I think, and have not experienced any problems that would not have occurred on 32bit too.

Keep in mind that creating a server with the "create" tab will result in the server and the client running on the same machine. Unless you have a fairly potent hardware, CPU intensive situations that your client renders can impact on the server performance. Especially if you plan to play with a couple of friends (as opposed to "with one friend") the game can quickly become unplayable if server and client are on the same machine. So for a long-term solution I'd recommend to set up a separate machine for this, provided you have one.

Alternatively you can of course also try one of the pickup servers that are not listed in the server browser. There you won't have the problem that random people from the internet hop on and join, only people that know about the servers might show up. But the pickup community should be capable of respecting your wish to play a closed game (since it's what they do, too).

To learn more about the pickup servers, join #xonotic.pickup on quakenet IRC (you can get all the server addresses from the bot in that channel).

RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - simbian - 02-04-2014

thanks again for the extensive info provided! Well i think the second choice will be sure better, join a server instead to create one, i don't want lags or freezes :-) moreover i don't have two separate machines available and where im running Xonotic now it's a notebook...

RE: Best way to play on virtual LAN - tZork - 02-04-2014

As long as you have more than one core and sufficient RAM, running a dedicated server and a client on the same machine will give you better performance than running a listen server. This is due to darkplaces (xonotic's game engine) not taking much advantage of multi core cpu's, but if you run two processes, they get (at least) a thread each and thus can make use of the extra core/s. While i was active in development i frequently tested things (that needed multiple users) by running a server and 2 or more clients at once, and it worked out well.