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XQC #58 (3v3 TDM/Minsta+Hook) - Love - 02-10-2014

Quick facts:
- 3v3 Team DeathMatch (Minsta+Hook)
- Servers: EAC public + EAC private server
- Timelimit 10; Fraglimit: 150
- Modus: Double Elimination bracket
- MapPicking: Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop at Bo1, Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick at Bo3 (Finals)
- Mappool: The Yard, Dastower40, Space Slap, Lolicity, Cpm18r, Outpost
- Date/time: Saturday, 22th Februar 2014 17:00 CET [UTC+1] // Worldtimebuddy
- Admins: EACs
- Skill level: Any

To participate one of your team has to sign up in here and join all #eac.cup (IRC Quakenet) at given date and time.

[EAC] Equestrian Aroused Clopteam (Kougi/Love, KpoxaPy, Melanosuchus)
[EAC] Ant Nobility (Love, Ameis, Floris)
the [力] XTregulars (Qbit, Asgarian, Twoism)
ERROR404 - Players could not be found (SilenceKiller, The Duke, Eagle Eye)
Ant Eaters (BW, Freeze, Abc)

Good luck and have fun!

RE: XQC #58 (TDM/Minsta+Hook) - SilenceKiller - 02-10-2014

I´m in Big Grin

My team is: The Duke, Eagle Eye, SilenceKiller Wink

RE: XQC #58 (TDM/Minsta+Hook) - qbit - 02-12-2014

Big Grin yay, finally some action again

力iceness Cool

RE: XQC #58 (TDM/Minsta+Hook) - asgarian - 02-13-2014

This will be exciting... Never played team deathmatch before with good teams. Looking forward to it!

RE: XQC #58 (TDM/Minsta+Hook) - Smilecythe - 02-13-2014

(02-12-2014, 04:40 PM)qbit Wrote: Big Grin yay, finally some action again

力iceness Cool

Where were you during the past two duel cups? Dodgy

RE: XQC #58 (3v3 TDM/Minsta+Hook) - qbit - 02-22-2014

thanks for the tourney

RE: XQC #58 (3v3 TDM/Minsta+Hook) - Love - 02-22-2014

Final Score:

1. the [力] XTregulars

2. Ant Eaters
3. ERROR404
4/5. Ant Nobility + Equestrian Aroused Clopteam


Thank You very much to all participants!!

>>Next Cup (in about 2 weeks) will be Keyhunt! Map or other suggestions are welcome, just contact me!<<

RE: XQC #58 (3v3 TDM/Minsta+Hook) - asgarian - 02-23-2014

Thanks for the tourney! Looking forward to the next one! Smile