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Hi - kougi - 02-28-2014

Keeping the topic title simple,
Hi, I'm Kougi. I'm sure I've met a good few of you in game already, as I've been running a server while slowly learning the ropes of running a server, as well as getting familiar with Xonotic's engine (Darkplaces engine).
I don't have too much of a history with these games; I played Quake 3 a bit when I was younger, but only with bots. And have played a bit of Quake live, which is where I found my love for Instagib - with Minsta being my mode of choice in Xonotic.

I look forward to seeing Xonotic grow, I personally believe it has the potential and gap in the market to get a steadier community once the game is advertised (if only virally) to the potential thousands of players out there looking for a decent, quick FPS.

If you want any more info you can check the WIP website for Clan.exe. (I wouldn't say that Clanexe has officially been started as a clan though, but the infrastructure is being built) Smile

Hope to see you ingame.

Happy fragging.

RE: Hi - Mirio - 03-01-2014


RE: Hi - -maniac|Su- - 03-01-2014

hi James

welcome here to forum and good luck with your clan and your server.

Greetz Su

RE: Hi - DauX - 03-01-2014

Hi, always nice to see new members. Big Grin
I hope YOUR server won't lag "Big Grin"