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QuakeC: Variadic macros? - WannabeUser - 03-10-2014

So i couldnt help it and started playing with QuakeC a bit. Not to bad but now i am kinda stuck. Is there a way to define a variadic macro (function is hopeless i guess)? Reason i am asking is: I want to hook sprint which sadly is sometimes given multiple string parameters and id rather not resort to sed/replace-in-files just for testing. I am using fteqcc (would be using gmqcc but it threw errors at me trying to compile the codebase i am playing around with and i didnt feel like investigating) which seems to hapilly accept ... in macro definitions but then has no clue what __VA_ARGS__ is (it doesnt expand ... either which gave me slight hope i am just doing it wrong). Any clues?

RE: QuakeC: Variadic macros? - Mario - 03-10-2014

I have no problems with GMQCC, running Xonotic Git. Without it, you won't be able to get variadic arguments.

The Git repository should give you a working codebase & compiler:

If you can get that working, there's an example of variadic arguments in the gamecode already, using sprintf:

#define printf(...) print(sprintf(__VA_ARGS__))

RE: QuakeC: Variadic macros? - WannabeUser - 03-10-2014

Wow, very nice. Thanks alot. I didnt have to much hope this was going to work at all. I guess gmqcc here i come then!