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Pseudo-random faces. - RedGuff - 03-16-2014

Just add (automatically) some very little modifications to the face, pseudo-randomly, with the name of the player as the seed of the pseudo-random generator.
Target version: "2.0".
Priority: low.
I don't know if it's long to code, sorry, and if it can be visible in game.

RE: Pseudo-random faces. - unfa - 04-03-2014

I guess it would require several "shapekeys" of every playermodel to be made - this way we could also change the shape of the whole body, the muscles, legs shape etc. Lots of work to prepare the models, not mentioning the code to actually handle the morphing and blending the shapekeys in different amounts to achieve a different character to every player.

I know how I'd do this is Blender, but I don't expect that Dark Places has the tools for it right now.

There could also be a way to create several walkcycle animations of different character (sneaky, tanklike, manlike, womanlike, light, heavy, elegant etc...) and then blend between them to achieve unique way of moving for every player.

I don't meant to implement that, it's just a similar idea Wink