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Registration and Statistics - teams - 05-23-2010

xonotic should require registration on this site before they can log into the game, for the purpose of following player statistics,

and any player can be 'looked up' in the xonotic menu, including things like a profile page, statistics, rankings, tournaments, online status, PM's and IM's from within the game menu.

i heard this might already be in the planning, im just trying to come up with feasible tweaks to this idea.

RE: Registration and Statistics - Cortez666 - 05-23-2010

registration requirement sucks!
what is it good for? just to get some stats?

RE: Registration and Statistics - parasti - 05-23-2010

An optional registration system is already in the works.

RE: Registration and Statistics - Mirio - 05-23-2010

(05-23-2010, 08:23 AM)Cortez666 Wrote: registration requirement sucks!
what is it good for? just to get some stats?

its not hard to register a nickname though.

RE: Registration and Statistics - hellmind - 05-23-2010

For shame!
I hate having to log in to play a game, even if it gets me in a ranking system.

RE: Registration and Statistics - Roanoke - 05-23-2010

Registration should not be mandatory at all. Say our servers go down and I want to play a game? This is like what EA is doing - client must be in constant contact with server = fail.

RE: Registration and Statistics - clanclanclan - 05-24-2010

One word, Ubisoft. It was a DRM measure but even w/out DRM it's annoying. Let's call this PRM (Player Reputation Management) for purposes of comparison.

RE: Registration and Statistics - tankmiche - 05-24-2010

(05-23-2010, 07:07 AM)teams Wrote: xonotic should require registration on this site before they can log into the game, for the purpose of following player statistics,

thumbs down for the "require".

What could be done, though (circumventing the problem Roanoke has pointed out) is this game system (some basic knowledge of asymmetric cryptography is required):

  1. A centralized authentication server (i.e. auth.xonotic.org) handles registered users and their public keys.
  2. Xonotic clients have the option to ask for registration, and in order create a public and private-key pair; the private key is stored with a passphrase in user's data dir, and the public key has to be pasted/uploaded to auth.xonotic.org's frontend.
  3. Every xonotic server may be enabled to poll (every 5 minutes?) auth.xonotic.org to retrieve every user's public key, and stores them.
  4. When an user connects to a registration-enabled server, the server checks for a public key in memory for that user. If present, user is requested to sign his request and authenticate; otherwise is kicked off.

Just ideas running here; the 5-minutes poll would limit the EA's bottleneck, and the only problem would be for the servers to store public keys.

RE: Registration and Statistics - unfa - 05-24-2010

I like the idea of tracking stats but this game is a community-driven game and community likes freedom. So I'am against making anything more than minimum in the game required or necessary. People should just be warned that their stats will be tracked only if they are registered (it is a technical need, like need of having a display to play the game).

Please make the game log-in automatically after every leaunch btw Smile

People who are just trying the game out or don't need stats but like to kill some people form time to timeBig Grin and also play a lot offline (like me formerly) will go away and play Warsow or smth. if you try to force them to register to be able to launch the game. That's my opinion.

I belive that necessary registration is an unnecesarry limitation of user's freedom.

RE: Registration and Statistics - DiaboliK - 05-24-2010

As parasti already stated the registration will be OPTIONAL.

RE: Registration and Statistics - divVerent - 05-24-2010

We already are working on a system for that.

It will be "mostly optional" (i.e. it will be optional by default, and possibly required per IP range as a softer version of banning - but of course a server admin can choose to require the ID from ALL ip addresses, which I'd recommend against).

It will not need an auth server (other than for CREATING your ID file). So if auth server is down, you lose nothing.

You can choose to create an ID that is not linked to your account, and cannot be traced back to it.

ID will be creatable from within the game, by entering forum username and password.

ID will be used for player identification in all places that currently use the IP address (banning) or a password (rcon, vdo), as well as for player statistics.

RE: Registration and Statistics - kay - 05-24-2010

will there be achievements? see this old topic at the alienTRAP forum


(most of the images are gone)
lol now I get it TRAP Wink