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Update: Xonotic North America Servers - nvz - 04-13-2014

UPDATE 4/14/14:
Thank you everyone for your donations!  We have accumulated over $140.00 in donations for the server!  The dedicated server costs 69.00 a month, which means we have enough for the month of May's payment as well!  Keep up the good work Xonotic community!

As some of you may know, the Bitmissle North American servers hosted in New Jersey have been shut down in the recent weeks.  This has caused a huge impact on the North American community, especially since activity has picked up A LOT duel/pickup wise since I joined the community about a month ago.  Now, our plan is to get a dedicated server for around $69-$80 in the New York area to benefit both the Americans and Europeans.

New York is the most ideal location for our servers.  We could run probably around 3-4 servers if we wanted to if we bought a server box.  I've been doing a lot of research the past week on dedicated server hosts, and it seems like dedicated server-only hosts are the most viable option right now, considering that dedicated servers hosted by game server websites are way too expensive and only offer 8-12 core machines when we only need a single or dual core right now to run our servers.

Now, in other news, we are getting a central server(Chicago) that will be optimized for [HUB], brought to you by GlobalGamers!  The donation of the server to us is awesome news, even though we don't need a central server just yet, we will take what we will get!  

However, I have collected enough funds to pay for this month very quickly and if any of you are willing to donate our paypal account address is xono@gmail.com !

Thank you to the following players who contributed so far to this upcoming project!

-Samual(for offering to set up servers...whenever he has the time)

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - Mirio - 04-14-2014

Good luck!

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - Antibody - 04-14-2014

Donated. Let's keep those frags a-rollin.

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - deoxys - 04-14-2014

will donate when i get my birthday money woot

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - nvz - 04-14-2014

Updated the thread! Check main post!

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - nvz - 04-30-2014

Hey guys, we have the servers, I just need someone to help me out setting them up. This stuff is foreign to me!

email me at dallaswalls22@gmail.com and messages go straight to my phone.

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - tZork - 04-30-2014

Nice to see this level of dedication.

Can help with basic server setup if necessary.

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - nvz - 04-30-2014

(04-30-2014, 03:23 PM)tZork Wrote: Nice to see this level of dedication.

Can help with basic server setup if necessary.

Shoot me an email then.

RE: Update: Xonotic North America Servers - dizzy - 05-18-2014

Put Anti in the donator section!

NA Xonotic Update 6/3/2014 - nvz - 06-03-2014

Hey guys nvz here,

Giving you a broad update on what's been happening here in the North American vanilla community. So we have a league going on this summer! This weekend I plan to touch up http://www.galaxypugs.com so it's ready to list our weekly news and statistics as well as publish a few forum posts to let contestants post their match results! You can sign up now: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=4936&pid=67186#pid67186

Thanks to our Australian friend Mario, he has taken the time to set up our servers in New York multiple times. I bought a dedicated server box for 2 months from reliablesite.net which quite frankly, is a piece of fucking shit service. We had server speed ups which was the first time I've seen anything like that and someone was bandwidth mining our server to death, resulting in packet loss. I used Donations from our paypal to pay off the server and cancel our subscription there forever.

Now to solve our issue I had to get some New York servers. I went to http://www.nfoservers.com , the place I used for my galaxypugs UT3 servers, and purchased a $50 virtual quad core New York server that is providing our 4 NY servers. This is the only time I'm going to really pay out of my pocket for a server, but you can donate to this email via PayPal if you want to help pay for the server. The cost is 50 dollars a month. I plan to purchase a Chicago server as well for 20 dollars with any additional fees I get.

Please donate to xonoticusa@gmail.com via PayPal.

Anyhow we have 6 good servers via NFO:
(SMB) New York Duel
(SMB) New York Duel 2
(SMB) New York Duel 3
(SMB) New York votable
Denver Smokehouse Duel
(SMB) 1v1 San Jose

RE: NA Xonotic Update 6/3/2014 - end user - 06-03-2014

Why not just get a server from OVH.ca or for overall ping in NA https://www.versaweb.com/dedicated.php

Selling Duel/Votable servers - nvz - 06-28-2014

I'm selling my NFO virtual servers for Chicago/New York. They are both dual core and support 2 servers a piece.

They are 24.99 monthly. Please PM me or email me at dallaswalls22@gmail.com. The deadline is July 2nd, 2014 for the servers or they will go down.

UT3 is having more duel tournaments right now and I cannot afford to support Xonotic anymore with 2 vacations and school coming up Sad. I'll probably play Xonotic again hardcore once .8 arrives. Thanks for the 4-5 month ride everyone, I'll be back soon.

RE: Selling Duel/Votable servers - Mossepo - 06-29-2014

2014-04-30 05:18:42 Mossepo | you're just one of those guys that appear out of nowhere for 1 month, and then disappear because 1. the scene is too small 2. Samual doesnt listen to your opinions
2014-04-30 05:18:58 spinda | no he's not

I was a few months off but anyway, can't wait for you to come back :3 Your effort has been nice.

RE: Selling Duel/Votable servers - nvz - 06-29-2014

I'll be back soon.