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Mantle API? - Naruto_9 - 05-01-2014

Out of curiosity. There is that new API developed by AMD, Mantle, which they say allows far more drawcalls and vast performance improvements in some cases. Is it a lot of hardwork to port darkplaces from opengl to Mantle?

Uh... -_-'' just searched, Mantle's SDK isn't open yet.

RE: Mantle API? - frostwyrm333 - 05-01-2014

Yeah, but MS is doing the same thing to DirectX and also Nvidia said that their driver modification will have the same results.
So only thing that AMD accomplished is scaring the rest of the industry into fixing something that could have been done years ago.

RE: Mantle API? - Mepper - 05-02-2014

No need at all for such fancy things. Xonotic doesn't even support multi core usage (except for a little bit of the sound if I'm not mistaken). First things first.