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Sticker stores? - machine! - 05-03-2014

Wanna buy some cool stickers to pimp my new laptop the only place I know of is this: uggc://jjj.havkfgvpxref.pbz/

Does anyone know of other sites like this? (which are legit...)

(rot13 all links please, we don't wanna make this some kind of advertisement thread)

RE: Sticker stores? - deoxys - 05-03-2014

that site looks so sketchy i'm not going to Tongue

what kind of stickers are you looking for? brands? music?

RE: Sticker stores? - machine! - 05-03-2014

Oh forgot to mention that, general GNU/Linux and programming stuff. I really want a Haskell sticker, open source logo or FSF logo or sth. Besides that just random stuff (that is still sane Tongue) I can bomb my laptops back with. Smile

RE: Sticker stores? - Liquid Sin - 05-04-2014

I like UnixStickers.com they have those high quality vinyl stickers that are just as good if not better than the ones that comes on pre-built machines. Have had one on my laptop where I rest my palm for over a year now and its showing no signs of wear.

They shipped from Italy when I ordered, i'm in the US so it took some time but other than that no complaints. They also accept Bitcoin if you happen to have some laying around.