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Skybowl v2 - Ari - 05-06-2014

Skybowl, a giant bowl in the sky

[Image: 9sfgn6.jpg]
Full size image http://i58.tinypic.com/5b8irn.jpg

Has a pretty low deathbox to have good movement on minsta + hook,
The floor it thin enough to unfreeze players from behind the map in minsta
Lots of invasion spawnpoints, Invasion mode is tweaked to be as hellish as possible Smile
No health or shield powerups and lots of weapons, map is balanced for total annihilation, no chance to hide(except on hook mode under the map) or recover health.

Works well on weapons, overkill and minsta.

Gametypes: ctf, kh, ft, dom, inf, inv, vip, tdm, lms, ca, ka

I'm thinking on adding more modes in the future, like cts, race and maybe jb and ons.

Suggestions are welcome, but i won't add health or shield powerups on this map.

RE: Skybowl v2 - Z(Rus) - 05-06-2014

only for fun

map does not look promising