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[CTF] MineCTF - Mario - 05-22-2014

Collaborative CTF map built in Minecraft:

[Image: H3b6bgXl.jpg]

Level designed by:
Mario, Ari, Kammy, Floxy, ICU and Calcifer.

Download here.

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - Mr. Bougo - 05-22-2014

Ha, that's one new way to make maps! Tongue

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - machine! - 05-22-2014

Haha cool, programmatically generated from MC map or done in radiant? Smile

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - Mario - 05-22-2014

(05-22-2014, 02:28 PM)machine! Wrote: Haha cool, programmatically generated from MC map or done in radiant? Smile

Generated from the Minecraft map.

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - machine! - 05-23-2014

Fun, got the code somewhere?

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - proraide - 05-23-2014

The sun it's square!

There seems to be few empty 'rooms' below the map Wink

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - Ari - 05-23-2014

(05-23-2014, 08:52 AM)machine! Wrote: Fun, got the code somewhere?

Generated and designed in minecraft, exported as obj, imported to netradiant(then added weapons and health etc...), all sources are included.

The empty rooms were generated in minecraft and we decided that they were too little and insgnificant to be worthy of the work of removal.

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - homs - 12-09-2014

Awesome Smile

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - Halogene - 12-09-2014

I bet it does not include a single ramp jump. :o/

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - RON1997 - 10-29-2015

There is no map down load. could you make a new link? I really want this map!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - Beagle - 10-30-2015

I have it I can reupload it Smile

RE: [CTF] MineCTF - Mario - 10-30-2015

Link fixed in the original post.