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Download? - sin1star - 05-27-2010

Where can I download Xonotic? I cannot seem to find it on this website, or google. Is it just being privately tested right now? Nothing shows up on the forums for this either.

RE: Download? - jaykay - 05-27-2010

xonotic isn't downloadable yet. to get the development version, you have to download the source and compile it for yourselve.
here's how to do it:

but on the few servers availabe are usually no human players Smile

RE: Download? - Cuinnton - 05-27-2010

lol or download the original. nexuiz

RE: Download? - clanclanclan - 05-27-2010

There should be a link to that dev page in the main site.

I would advise you to download Nexuiz first from here, as Cuinnton said.

Note that that is a link to a redirect to an SF page, so as not to increase a certain site's Pagerank Wink

RE: Download? - kay - 05-28-2010

still don't get it how to do this Confused

RE: Download? - IDWMaster - 07-14-2010

(05-28-2010, 06:54 AM)kay Wrote: still don't get it how to do this Confused

I just posted a BitTorrent download with easy-to-use batch files for Windows, and the original makefiles for Linux. It includes the full contents of the GIT repository. I posted a thread about this here.

RE: Download? - Mr. Bougo - 07-15-2010

If you want a simple portable solution to get the current dev version of xonotic, get it here: http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=712

BUT you won't get anywhere with this, if you want to play. There are no maps by default, and the servers are mostly empty. If you don't know how nexuiz maps worked, I suggest you download nexuiz instead in the mean time. The development version is not complete, so don't expect it to be simple or fun to use.

RE: Download? - unOzZZ - 12-04-2010

I can't find a link or something to download xonotic , i'm pretty sure the game is already out.
Can some one please tell me where a link is or something like that ? I use windows so i already downloaded those batch files.

RE: Download? - Dokujisan - 12-04-2010

(12-04-2010, 08:52 AM)unOzZZ Wrote: I can't find a link or something to download xonotic , i'm pretty sure the game is already out.

Did you not read the posts on this thread?

RE: Download? - unOzZZ - 12-04-2010

I did, i just dont get it what i need to do.

RE: Download? - kuniu the frogg - 12-04-2010

if you're on windows, you can try this:
follow those instructions and you should get it working without any problem

RE: Download? - master[mind] - 12-06-2010

And also, the game hasn't even been released in Alpha, Beta, or RC stages it. It's still in heavy development.