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Tournament hosting project - Rangoons - 06-03-2014

Hey all, this one more or less is for the admins.

I'm a student at RIT and I'm doing a project for a business class, I chose competitive gaming. I want to start hosting online tournaments with prize money. I was hoping to learn from you about licensing in regards to a company using your game in that capacity. Specifically I'd like to know what if any fees you would charge, and guidelines or requirements for using game name and/or images for promotional purposes.

I also wanted to know how an actual tournament might work in terms of cooperation with your company and logistics.

I contacted Xonotic via the contact us email form several weeks ago and I got no reply.

If someone could please give me a direct email/contact, that would also be amazing.

RE: Tournament hosting project - asyyy - 06-03-2014


Say hello from asyyy.

RE: Tournament hosting project - Antibody - 06-03-2014

We're looking into it.

RE: Tournament hosting project - merlijn - 06-03-2014

Thanks for your interest in Xonotic, I'll try to answers your questions as best I can - though I suspect they might not be the answers you were looking for.

Essentially the game is distributed under the terms of the GPL. Whenever you want a legal answer, that is very likely where it will originate from. We're not a company, nor a non-profit, nor a foundation - and I'm not sure we can even claim to be a group :-). We are individuals who enjoy working on the various aspects of the game, and all agree to use the GPL.

You can freely use the game for your intended purposes, as far as images goes - that's usually fine if you use them in a constructive way. Legally speaking this would just be 'fair use' and we would appreciate some attribution in the form of a link to our main website.

Basically the answer from our side is that you're on your own, but we won't stand in your way. The GPL already gives you a lot of freedom to use what we created - and we are happy to help you if you run into problems.

So much for the legal answer, otherwise this is a wicked idea - please do share the things you do, and happy fragging!

RE: Tournament hosting project - SPLAT - 06-03-2014

Rochester in the house? 585 REPRESENT