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Serenity recreated in Quake 3 engine - Greaserpirate - 06-16-2014

Link to the article about it with screenshots

Link to the creator's blog with more screenshots

It's designed for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, but he says:

"Please contact me if you need direction in porting the map to other Quake III-supported games.
I will be happy to help."

(I don't know what kind of licenses he's using for his textures though)

Just imagine for a second... you're playing a modified version of FTL, but you're roleplaying as a crew member. You have specialized skills to help with certain parts of the ship, but Alliance bounty hunters, Reavers, and all sorts of unruly folk can take out susbystems on the ship, board, and hunt you down. You and the rest of your crew can decide which missions to take, and it affects how much at risk you are of being found by the Alliance... If this game had a kickstarter I would throw my college tuition at it (eyes glaze over)

RE: Serenity recreated in Quake 3 engine - BuddyFriendGuy - 05-30-2016

Sorry to revive this one, but this is an incredible map that I would really really like to play. The author did have a pretty open license terms. I wonder whether there are other Firefly fans here who would like to try this one.

I don't have Jedi Academy so I can't really walk around the map (there's openjk but that requires the original game contents to run).

I tried to load the map directly from other q3 games but failed. It says there's some kind of version problem. Anybody wants to give it a try?

Map Download

RE: Serenity recreated in Quake 3 engine - Mario - 05-30-2016

With some effort, it can be loaded, but it would take a lot more to make it actually playable:

[Image: xonotic20160531132745-00_small.jpg]

RE: Serenity recreated in Quake 3 engine - BuddyFriendGuy - 06-11-2016

Mario, the map was a multi-year project so I certainly don't expect a quick job.

Care to share how you loaded it?