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Player Model: Ignis 42 - Oblivion - 05-28-2010

Another Ignis female variant

[Image: oemjvoej5b03yjvt4zyh_thumb.jpg]

[Image: 7jkbdglr1vaizho0ub_thumb.jpg]

[Image: ewftcvondh8gl1pk2gjk_thumb.jpg]

[Image: s3715nujlx04cryppedk_thumb.jpg]

RE: Player Model: Ignis 42 - kay - 05-28-2010

Yeah, thats what we also need, other skin colors. really cool Smile[/align]

RE: Player Model: Ignis 42 - Oblivion - 05-29-2010

I think I botched her lipstick. Sad But then again, I don't know anything about makeup rofl.

[Image: gayxs.jpg]

Yes. Angel

RE: Player Model: Ignis 42 - Rad Ished - 05-29-2010

Oblivion, Dude, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the modeling awesomeness that you are bringing to Xonotic.
We've needed this so badly for a long time, thanks feller!!!
Do you like Marmite? I'll post you some if you want Big Grin

RE: Player Model: Ignis 42 - unfa - 05-30-2010

She looks a little bit 'male' for me, but.. if any woman is fighting in such a... something , she has to have balls of steel Smile

So I like that she's not super pretty - that is more like real life, where 99% of people aren't perfect Smile

It would be nice for her to change... lipstick colour along with the uniform Smile That would rock - belive me Cool

I like that 'thing' that is going out of back of her head. Maybe it's some kind of antenna? Aerial? I think it would be cool if it had some little circle lights around near the cylinder's edge and/or some larger one at the cylinder's cap. Details Smile Maybe she has one, I didn't seen her back side Smile

Great work Oblivion!

RE: Player Model: Ignis 42 - Lee_Stricklin - 05-31-2010

Looks like an actual fighter that could kill me, not some stereotypical videogame female character. Good work.