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Track "Puzzle" - unfa - 08-17-2014

I wonder if this could be good for the game. What do you think?

RE: Track "Puzzle" - Mr. Bougo - 08-17-2014

Pretty nice! It seems too lighthearted for anything ingame though, compared to the rest.

RE: Track "Puzzle" - unfa - 08-18-2014

Yes, it reminds me the old Nexuiz soundtrack, it had some tracks in similar mood.

RE: Track "Puzzle" - deoxys - 08-18-2014

slightly faster tempo would help

RE: Track "Puzzle" - unfa - 08-19-2014

It's 90 BPM so the D'n'B part is 180 BPM (double), quite fast already, but I can still crank it up a notch.