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XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - Love - 08-17-2014

Quick facts:
- 2v2 Capture The Flag (Minsta+Hook)
- Servers: 2 EAC private Server
- Captures: 10; Timelimit: 15
- Modus: Double Elimination bracket
- MapPicking: Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop at Bo1, Drop-Drop-Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick at Bo3 (Semifinals), Drop-Drop-Pick-Pick-Pick-Pick at Bo5 (Finals)
- Mappool: Lostspace, Evilspace, Dance, Stone Castle, Gib Warehouse, Dissocia
- Date/time: Sunday, 24th August 2014 20:00 CEST [UTC+2] // Worldtimebuddy
- Admins: EACs
- Skill level: Any

To participate one of your team has to sign up in here and join all #eac.cup (IRC Quakenet) at given date and time (like always). The servers will be nonpublic for the tourney. To join type "connect" for the first server and "connect" for the second server in your console.

We set up a teamspeakserver. Feel free to join and talk with the other participants. The server URL is "evil-ant-colony.org".

BigMacIntosh (Love and Ledixus)
Double Kick (Akd and Slava)
[BOT] (Gatts and Mirio)
eX²perts (asyyy and qbit)
Regulars (Twoism and Trezzer)
Schlitzerbros (Asgy <3 and Easy)
[Crash] (.:Mi3Z3:. and Flash)
Silencedojo (SilenceKiller and Dojoman)

signed off teams:
T3ddY C4T´2 (Teddybear and .:Mi3Z3:.)

Good luck and have fun!

RE: 2v2 CTF (Minsta+Hook) Tournement - Melanosuchus - 08-17-2014

(Once the cup is running) scores and next matches will be displayed here: http://eac.challonge.com/jzi7a4du

RE: 2v2 CTF (Minsta+Hook) Tournement - Mirio - 08-18-2014

Can I put it into the quick cup list like your previous ones? Smile

RE: 2v2 CTF (Minsta+Hook) Tournement - Love - 08-18-2014

Ofc, sorry, forgot to do that (:

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - Mirio - 08-19-2014

[BOT] with Gatts and me signing up!

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - Greeen - 08-19-2014

I want to play but seach a team mate and i found nobody :<

>>>> .:Mi3z3:.<<<<

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - asyyy - 08-20-2014

where is qbit when I need him

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - qbit - 08-20-2014

I'm right here. Do you need a partner for the tourney? I'm in Big Grin

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - asyyy - 08-20-2014

Alright, let's do this Big Grin
eX²perts: qbit + asyyy

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - qbit - 08-20-2014

[eX²perts] qb!t

oh yea Cool

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - kult - 08-20-2014

I won't be able to attend this tournament Sad, but i'll try to spec a few games...
Teams currently lined up sounds terrific, and the show will be very interesting.
Just in case that I won't be able to spec, please record your game so I can get the demofile afterward.

GL & HF everyone!

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - Greeen - 08-20-2014

T3ddY C4T´2 = Teedy & .:Mi3Z3:.

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - jngm - 08-20-2014

Hi there, team "Regulars" signing in, which is me (twoism ingame) and Trezzer.

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - asgarian - 08-20-2014

Sign up team "Schlitzerbros" please, consisting of me (asgy/asgarian ingame) and easy from Regulars.

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - Love - 08-24-2014

Final Results:

Supreme Champion: Schlitzerbros
Worthy Adversary: eX2perts
Maybe Next Time: Regulars
4th place: Double_Kick
5th place tie: BigMacIntosh
7th place tie: Silencedojo

Thank you all for participating!

You can check the brackets here: http://eac.challonge.com/jzi7a4du

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - jngm - 08-24-2014


Well played.

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - qbit - 08-24-2014

ggs Smile

What's up next? CRA FT 4on4?

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - Greeen - 08-24-2014

WUUHHUU not the last HeartHeartHeartHeart

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - asyyy - 08-24-2014


RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - asgarian - 08-25-2014

Well played, had alot of fun. Looking forward to the next cup.

RE: XQC #61 (2v2 CTF/Minsta+Hook) - Sl@va - 08-25-2014

I uploaded demos from cup: download here or here as one archive.