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Small tutorial videos - machine! - 09-29-2014

So I got inspired by this video since I thought it seemed like a good format for quick straight-to-the-point tutorial vids. I call this series "Xonotic 0.7 X Overview" where X=movement in the first video, I also plan making one on weapons and maybe one the different modes (okey maybe only on weapons too since these have to be remade at some point anyway). The point of this video is to be no-bs tutorial and instead of having slowmo replays hundred times the viewer can re-watch the stuff he decides to (youtube also have slowmo feature iirc).

Tricks covered are bunny hop, strafe turn, laser jump, wall laser, tele boost, crylink boost, ramp jumping and circle jumping. I did not cover strafe jumping* because I'm basing these videos on 0.7 balance where strafe jumping isn't particularly useful.

Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J4_QSpWrN-w&feature=youtu.be

Music is by unfa! Big Grin (I give attribution in description and video is licensed under Creative Common attribution license so I hope I use it correctly)

RE: Small tutorial videos - deoxys - 09-29-2014

gj Big Grin

RE: Small tutorial videos - aa - 09-29-2014


RE: Small tutorial videos - GoregeousGuy - 09-30-2014

Nice vid!