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[CTF] Xtreme Teleport Fight - end user - 09-30-2014

Eh was looking into making a map and decided to modify Exteme Fight into something new. Its a pretty basic map for now till add some more thing. I kept all the weapons/power up spawns from Extreme Fight but this is more for hook/minsta I guess...

The flags are seperate by glass in the middle of the map and the far wall are portals with random teleports to each side.

Was thinking of maybe adding some user activated glass panes that can be poped up from a glass room that you can teleport to. So you can screw up the other teams parth to the portals.


Edit: I've attached the map file too just incase.

RE: [CTF] Xtreme Teleport Fight - Justin - 09-30-2014

Thank you! Big Grin

RE: [CTF] Xtreme Teleport Fight - end user - 09-30-2014

Ok I'm thinking of making the side glass protrude out into space with a square shape and a pillar in the middle so a player can use it as a cover or have a slit in the glass so they can shoot from there but it would be big enough to let others shoot back. Attached example

RE: [CTF] Xtreme Teleport Fight - Pendulla - 10-01-2014

A movie tape! Nice!

RE: [CTF] Xtreme Teleport Fight - end user - 10-01-2014

Made some changes. Put the flags on a bump so its a little harder to get them. Added hollow pillars that will act like teleports to the side corridors once I add them.

RE: [CTF] Xtreme Teleport Fight - end user - 10-03-2014

Added more features.

Between the lfags I added glass seperated rooms that a player can teleport into from a teleport in one of the pillars and they can teleport out through the dividing wall. There's a gap in the glass so shots can be fired from. Still gto some more things to add.

Please test and give me feedback,

RE: [CTF] Xtreme Teleport Fight - end user - 10-07-2014

Ok added a couple thing but for now I'm done. Will eventually add some side tunnles with the glass texture.