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Reversion Cup: The Movie - machine! - 10-23-2014

I present you...

[Image: WnR9cVF.png]

In the biggest Xonotic event 2014, the best 20 players from all around the world battled for 250EUR in a 3-day duel tournament. All frags in this movie is from serious matches between extremely skilled duellers.

Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kxGxKYc9NI&feature=youtu.be

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/snqxfirm5idr9ez/reversion.mp4?dl=0

esr thread: http://esreality.com/post/2675879/reversion-cup-the-movie-2014/

Movie info:
Length: 5min 24s
Res: 1080p
FPS: 29.9
Codec: libx264


Editing: machine
Cup admins: kojn, asyyy, mirio, antibody, thimo
Casters: deoxy, kojn, antibody
Streamers: raaftv
Donors: own-nf-age, pinkrobot, zeroql, mirio, thimo, kojn

Enter Shikari - Sssnakepit (Hamilton remix)
Parkway Drive - Sleepwalker

Xonotic 0.7 (reversion balance)

Thanks to everyone who participated in cup and to admins for the great initiative!

Yeah, pretty much only mediocre frags but keep in mind this is not some demos from random pubs or half-hearted pug games, and editing got a few issues I know but I got a lot of work at the moment so I decided to finish it instead of having it in the back of my head while working on other stuff.

RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - Mirio - 10-23-2014

I almost thought you put my hiding in. :p Good though.

RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - Smilecythe - 10-23-2014

Nice editing, nice frags Smile
Post it in ESR!

RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - Halogene - 10-24-2014

Good job! Very nice, especially that it is not ONLY frags, it somehow feels very exhausting to watch one frag after another without allowing the brain to focus on other stuff once in a while. With the slower break sequences the movie is a lot more enjoyable! I learned something here :oD

RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - deoxys - 10-24-2014

deoxy +s

Big Grin


RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - GoregeousGuy - 10-24-2014


RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - zeroql - 10-24-2014

Very good job, i was surprised! Smile
Thanks for making a movie <3 i will post it on ESR - http://esreality.com/post/2675879/reversion-cup-the-movie-2014/

RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - machine! - 10-25-2014

Thanks for sharing on esr!

RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - machine! - 10-26-2014

Updated OP with download link.

RE: Reversion Cup: The Movie - zeroql - 10-27-2014

(10-26-2014, 04:03 AM)machine! Wrote: Updated OP with download link.

msg Maveric on IRC, he will upload your movie on his servers Smile