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Track: "Dave's Dog" - unfa - 11-22-2014


I've made this today exploring some dubstep Skrillex-like sounds:

Not all of it I think would fit for Xootic, so I ask you mainly abount the part rangin from 1:02 till the end. This ambientish reverbated arpeggio plus the basses, the beat in 140 BPM.

Do you feel like fragging to this?

I would make a special Xonotic version of it if there's interest.

RE: Track: "Dave's Dog" - Mr. Bougo - 11-23-2014

I quite like it. I think it could work for Xonotic indeed!

RE: Track: "Dave's Dog" - machine! - 11-23-2014

Would be cool on a futuristic but dark map.

RE: Track: "Dave's Dog" - unfa - 11-23-2014

I've got it looped without the harsh dubstepish part on the beginning (should I keep it?):


You can easily try it in-game now Smile

RE: Track: "Dave's Dog" - tZork - 11-30-2014

Shouldn't that be [dave]dave's dog or [dave]dog? Tongue

I like it and especially the theme abt 2:50, cool stuff as usual unfa!

RE: Track: "Dave's Dog" - Justin - 11-30-2014

Amazing sound! the best one so far. 10/10
give us some chance, huh?

RE: Track: "Dave's Dog" - Debugger - 12-07-2014

Very nice!
I liked the second (looped) version better and I'd like to see it included in the game. Even if it sounds quite fast and aggressiv, it could totally fit some maps Wink