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Bringing back a few assets from Nexuiz as well as digging through the maps section - Lee_Stricklin - 12-08-2014

While Xonotic is a step up from Nexuiz, there were still some things that in my honest opinion should have been carried over, but for whatever reason weren't. In addition to that, I've seen numerous maps released on the forums over the last four or five years that in my mind at least, seemed like something that deserved to be included with the game. I've listed the following.

blkrbt's track Sixtyfour Revisited was included with the final version of Nexuiz, but was ultimately never used which is a shame given how good it was. Strangely the track done by him that wasn't so well received (ninesix) was included AND USED in the game.

The announcements for "Awesome! Did Yoda show you that?" and "ELECTRO BITCH!!!" were ditched in Nexuiz 2.5 for some reason. In my honest opinion it would be a good idea to bring them back.

Most of the core maps of Nexuiz REALLY need to make a comeback. The major ones I can think of include the majority of the deathmatch maps bundled with the game. Those are Reslimed, Strength, Bleach, Warfare, Aneurysm, Bluesky, Skyway, Silver City, Blood Prison, Ruiner, Final Rage, Desert Factory, and Diesel Power. It's a long list, but it would be nice to see these included with Xonotic and they would likely not require too many changes outside of changing the music on most of them.

In addition to Nexuiz's maps, there were numerous community maps released on this forum that scream core game to me. In particular DM-Siege, DM-Azalea, VCTF/ONS-TopOfTheWorld, DM-Facility123, CTF-Equinox, Biolab, and CTF Fickle. In addition to those, I recall a handful of others that I thought were quite memorable from the first year or so this project was started, but can't remember the names of them and most of them now have deadlinks.

RE: Bringing back a few assets from Nexuiz and digging through the maps section - Mario - 12-08-2014

I have looked into bringing the old tracks before, but it seems we were unable to get licensing sorted on them.

The old announcer files won't be returning, but we plan to get a complete new announcer set from bitbomb, which may include those clips.

Some of the old maps have been ported, but a lot still need work before they are even close to ready for inclusion in the main game.
The listed modern maps also have some issues (equinox has multiple clipping/light issues, that would take a lot of effort to fix, possibly a post-0.8 task... I am holding off vehicle maps until after 0.8, as I want to improve the vehicles a bit before making them available on an official map... fickle is incredibly detailed, but has some performance issues, and the licensing would need to be confirmed).
The others also have issues, but I will not list them here.

A few CTF maps will be included in 0.8, namely catharsis, implosion and vorix.