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Play time bookmarking - end user - 01-15-2015

Not sure if this is possible. I was thinking of some kind of play time bookmaking/match making system where you can select a server from the server list, push a button and it'll allow you to enter a time/date when you will be playing on that server. This would then be displayed on maybe a different tab in game to show servers and booked player/times for each server for the day/week/etc....

Maybe it would be easier to have this as part of the website where registered players can add their play times.

RE: Play time bookmarking - -z- - 03-25-2015

This is a very interesting idea, as I think we've identified an issue with player retention to be a high bounce rate due to servers being inactive when they connect.

I agree starting this as part of the website would be an easier integration to start. Perhaps it could extend the existing pickup system on IRC.