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RE: Xonotic 0.8 Released! - nowego4 - 02-15-2015

Sure, here's a screengrab:

RE: Xonotic 0.8 Released! - Mr. Bougo - 02-15-2015

Depending on the cause, this could be related to this issue: https://gitlab.com/xonotic/xonotic/issues/122#note_757994

You can check if that's indeed your problem by clicking on "report" and comparing the error log message.

See first comment in that gitlab link for a workaround.

RE: Xonotic 0.8 Released! - nowego4 - 02-15-2015

Thanks, that was it. I read that post earlier but didn't realize I was having the same problem.

Game looks great, glad to see the Arc made it in.