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Lightspeed map poll - Mario - 01-19-2015

This poll is to decide the future of the map Lightspeed, a small CTF map with white textures, part of the game for the past few releases.

I believe it is time to hide or remove this map from the default map pool, for the following reasons:
  • Gameplay with vanilla weapons isn't great, becomes either a shotgun or crylink fest
  • Visuals aren't very appealing. On default settings, the brightness of the white walls is almost blinding... Even on optimized settings, it is difficult to see enemies
  • The map layout is very basic and unimpressive compared to the other stock maps

Possible reasons to keep this map include:
  • Keeping the overly bright and simple facility114 texture set available to mappers (The textures would become part of the Lightspeed pk3 if no other maps use this texture set yet, otherwise it could be made available in a server package)
  • Allowing very small CTF matches (most vanilla maps are balanced for at least 6 players, while Lightspeed can work with as little as 2)

Once this map is out, it can be replaced with a similarly small map with better design, gameplay and visuals.

Lightspeed is currently only really played (and somewhat rarely) on the LX Overkill server according to stats, for which a custom .pk3 could be created to keep the map available.

RE: Lightspeed map poll - Halogene - 01-19-2015

I think this map offers absolutely no gameplay value.

RE: Lightspeed map poll - GoregeousGuy - 01-19-2015

I think it is not thaaaaaaaat bad.

RE: Lightspeed map poll - Smilecythe - 01-19-2015

Imo the texturing of the cts/race version looks way better than the CTF version. I never understood why they had to be separate maps.

RE: Lightspeed map poll - frostwyrm333 - 01-19-2015

It was designed as small scale ctf map, therefore its not suitable for standard 8x8 play.
Maybe if was a enlarged with overhauled central part it would be ok.

RE: Lightspeed map poll - CuBe0wL - 01-20-2015


As frostwyrm333 said, it is a 1v1, 2v2 or MAXIMUM 3v3 map. It was btw. created because pickup players wanted a small, "warmup" CTF map, so I made it.

RE: Lightspeed map poll - Mario - 01-20-2015

It is a good map for that, but as a default map that represents the game, it's not so great. Better to make it available only to servers that wish to use it for that purpose.

RE: Lightspeed map poll - kwakkiezalf - 07-26-2016



RE: Lightspeed map poll - aa - 07-27-2016

I think it looked cool, actually, the style could be reused later on....