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Using Mouse Acceleration - JoeMaro - 02-10-2015


i'm usually playing with mouse acceleration in QL and Warsow. Now Xonotic has mouse_accel too and thats very amazing!!! Also the way its implemented seems very good. Just that it uses its own units.

Has somebody yet found how the units relate to QL for example?

Here are my warsow/QL settings:
Offset 0 (= m_accelerate_minspeed 0 ?)
Sensitivity 0.5 (same in XON)
Accel 0.025 (what would that be in XON?)
SensCap 2 (= m_accelerate_maxspeed ?)

Thanks for the help!

edit: what does the m_accelerate_filter do?

RE: Using Mouse Acceleration - JoeMaro - 02-14-2015

to be more precise:

i am wondering why the default values are so high and what they represent:
m_accelerate_maxspeed: default is 10000
m_accelerate_minspeed: default is 5000

how much acceleration is m_accelerate 2?

RE: Using Mouse Acceleration - JoeMaro - 02-19-2015

so after some more testing and trying to set ip up, i think there is no "SensCap" feature, meaning a maximum sensitivity that will not be crossed by acceleration. Without this i think the implementation is pretty much useless (for me) as i find it most important to have a reliable max senstitivity when doing twitch movements.
Or am i wrong here?

RE: Using Mouse Acceleration - Mario - 02-19-2015

According to the description, m_accelerate_maxspeed is the mouse speed at which full acceleration is applied (i.e. the maximum speed multiplied by m_accelerate).
Speeds below m_accelerate_minspeed are not accelerated at all. I can't say for sure without looking at the code what these values are counted from.

Using these 3 options, you should be able to fine tune it pretty well, though I personally use no acceleration, so can't give exact values or much further advice.

RE: Using Mouse Acceleration - JoeMaro - 02-26-2015

thanks for the reply mario!
i read all the descriptions.

mouse accel without SensCap is pretty useless i'd say ... because the top sensitivity (when max acceleration) is not controllable then. you will hit no flick shots because you cant learn the distance.