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I am restoring back to 0.7 - zwz - 02-24-2015

0.8 seems a rushed out build. Too many broken originally working features.

Bot won't move, won't follow waypoints on custom maps. It was working fine on 0.7.

I swear I saved it, relinked all, like what I have done in 0.7, but 0.8 just won't work.

[Image: attachment.php?thumbnail=1372]

RE: I am restoring back to 0.7 - Mr. Bougo - 02-24-2015

I'm happy for you, but meanwhile all those "broken features" you speak about remain unreported.

I see you made a thread about those waypoints. Is there any other issue you've encountered?

If you want to get noticed btw, it's better to post those issues to the bug tracker. They tend to get lost in the forums, as you've experienced.