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Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 03-23-2010

Hello, would Xonotic perhaps benefit from such a model for any of its weapons?

[Image: shotgun_cannon1.png]
[Image: shotgun_cannon3.png]
[Image: shotgun_cannon4.png]
[Image: shotgun_cannon5.png]

This is the high poly version so far, with the low poly model roughly completed as well.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Spaceman - 03-23-2010

It looks great.

As the weapon appears to have 2 methods for firing it would could replace the Electro or the MinstaNex.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Dokujisan - 03-23-2010

It looks very interesting. The thing that I always look at for weapons in FPS games is how the weapon looks from a 1st person perspective. So it would have to look interesting from the middle of the weapon forward. Your weapon looks most interesting at it's base, near the handle.

If you could show a 1st person perspective view, that would be good.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 03-23-2010

Indeed Smile here are the 1st person views. One with and one without the side thingies, as it can be mirrored over if need be.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 03-23-2010

(03-23-2010, 08:48 AM)Lamoot Wrote: Indeed Smile here are the 1st person views. One with and one without the side thingies, as it can be mirrored over if need be.

I'll reply to the images myself and say that the model needs a point of interest when viewed from 1st person perspective. I already have certain ideas what could be done. For starters some sort of pseudo ammo/temperature/nuclear core metre indicator that isn't too specific and doesn't suffer from static textures (e.g. ammo count that never changes) + some pipes on the left side so the long shape of the barrel gets less boring.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 03-23-2010

I'll reply again and show a quick (rough) concept of how the 1st person view could look like. Polish, defining the shapes some more and details yet to come.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - theShadow - 03-23-2010

looks like a leafblower Big Grin

extremely awesome. perhaps it would look a little better a little higher, and rotated slightly, so it points towards the middle.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Aleator - 03-23-2010

This looks better than the current shotgun in Nexuiz.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Roanoke - 03-23-2010

Better yet, no sight-like portrusion (it's a goddam shotgun, after all). I remember seeing this model on the Nexuiz forum. If somebody with talent (oblivion) textures it, it would be great.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - ThePWTULN - 03-23-2010

I think your model would suit a grenade launcher sort of weapon, because it has quite a wide barrel.

It looks great, by the way Smile

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Agamalama - 03-23-2010

yay he's back Big Grin hoping to see this in xonotic for the hagar model Smile

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - FruitieX - 03-24-2010

Hmm, it will be up to the texturer to make this look really nice or not. I think that from the first person view, that barrel looks too big... You could experiment with something similar as the current Nexuiz shotgun has, with the three pipes and a bulky part at the end (I liked this at least Smile)

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 03-24-2010

(03-24-2010, 12:55 AM)FruitieX Wrote: Hmm, it will be up to the texturer to make this look really nice or not.

I also plan to texture it once the model is done. No worries there.

I'm not too fond of drasticlly changing the design since it was my aim to make a weapon that could fit the role of a shotgun but not include the standard shotgun design you see in all other games. Yes, it was intentional Smile I imagine this to be a sort of a nuclear-powered cannon firing depleted uranium slugs, with the end functionality and firing effect of shotgun or a super shotgun. The round part is the reactor, the main barrel is the barrel and its mechanisms and the small barrel at the bottom is an exhaust pipe or a coolant unit (but could be other stuff as well)

I'm never good at making standard things that fit people's standard ideas of what something should look like. For me it just feels wrong to not push designs in new directions and explore new ideas. Hopefully this won't make the model incompatible with Xonotic's vision.

Other than a super shotgun, the weapon could be used as a hagar/insta/other?

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 03-26-2010

Some more progress. I've decided to keep things simple and not complicate with the 1st person view. I added a simple but still cool (imo) thing on top (and the fat pipe is staying). There are several reasons for this:

*KISS principle
*I'll have less work to finish the modelling stage and finally move on to baking (yuck) and texturing (yum)
*I'll be able to mirror the texture on more parts if I keep things more symetrical. This will allow me to use the 1024² texture more efficiently, virtually increasing the texture size of the model.

Here's the first person view (1024x768 so I'm only linking) And the side view, now with added thingy on top.

[Image: shotgun_side.png]

Hopefully I can do the finishing highpoly touches this weekend and also finish the lowpoly version.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - toneddu2000 - 03-26-2010

cool cool, supercool!You can seriously hurt with that! Smile

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 03-30-2010

Ok low-poly model done, 2145 triangles, more or less optimized.

[Image: lowpoly1.png]
[Image: lowpoly2.png]

And here's the part I changed for the high-poly model

[Image: highpoly1.png]

Next, it's baking time.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - ThePWTULN - 03-30-2010

[Image: lowpoly2.png]

^^ Looks quite like a mortar Tongue

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lee_Stricklin - 04-06-2010

Looks pretty cool, but doesn't look much like a shotty. Looks like it would make a kick ass mortar.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - naryl - 04-06-2010

Looks more like a BFC (Big F****** Cannon) than a shotgun.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Roanoke - 04-06-2010

I don't think it would fit the mortar, due to the double barreled design. But maybe.
Definitely not hagar, hagar model looks fine.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - MirceaKitsune - 04-26-2010

Very nice! I believe this is better than the current shotgun model, and could replace it when it's ready Smile (or maybe another gun, if it doesn't look that much like a shotgun)

I'm curious how it will look like when textured. This time it hope the texture stays at 1024 x 1024, or I believe we won't advance in quality from the current models.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 04-27-2010

Woohooo, normal map baking done Big Grin (with the exception of minor and easy to do tweaks). Excuse Blender's mipmapping, it optimizes way to early and results in crappy preview renders (should look better in Xonotic). I'm glad this step is done, as it's one of the harder (lots of mindfuck moments). Anyway, the next step is to bake AO and after that it's texturing time. Oh right, on the first person view, there's a part missing, didn't include mirrored parts (will look right when done)

[Image: normal%20map.png]
[Image: normal%20map%201.png]

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - MirceaKitsune - 04-27-2010

That looks just wonderful! Can't wait Smile

A small suggestion if I may; Perhaps you could improve the poly count on that ring / crosshair a bit. It's the only thing that looks a bit square-ish in first person view. I'm talking about the exterior part of the ring in the second picture, in the middle-upper part, which has that button in the center. But that aside it's quite beautiful Heart

Also, I'm not sure if it could be used for anything other than the shotgun. If you look at the first picture showing it from the side, that lower handle makes it completely shotgun-ish. If anything, we could modify some effects and sounds too to make it feel like a stronger shotgun of sorts imo, so it matches the model.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - CuBe0wL - 04-27-2010

The more I look at this model, the more I just LOVE it.
Dunno why, but it has a very "railgunny" feel.

RE: Shotgun Cannon (large images) - Lamoot - 04-27-2010

Cool Smile

I made the round aimer button thingy rounder at the expense of *gasp* 10 more triangles Smile I also made those normal map tweaks I mentioned earlier and consider it more or less complete. Additional dents and such will be made, but only after the diffuse map gets done.

I'm releasing a WIP version of the model and its normal map as GPL 2.0 (or 3.0 if Xonotic needs it). I still plan to finish it, but I think it's time it becomes public and also avoid the disappearing artist / crashing HD syndrome Smile I repeat: Releasing the WIP model and normal map texture does not mean I plan to stop working on it. it's for safekeeping and experimenting if anyone wishes so. You will notice parts of it are missing, this is because Blender can't display mirrored normal maps properly and I'll mirror those part before it gets exported to Xonotic.