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[CTF] Space Conflict - Z(Rus) - 03-21-2015

Small CTF map in space. Bridge is all that brings together enemies!

Map made special for Building Bridges Contest on GameBanana

[Image: 185113?type=medium]

[Image: ~iaKRE5Ne.png] [Image: ~iaKRE5Nf.png] [Image: ~iaKRE5Nh.png] [Image: ~iaKRE5Ni.png] [Image: ~iaKRE5Nj.png]

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - machine! - 03-21-2015

Nice, looks slick!

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - GoregeousGuy - 03-21-2015

Wow, looks nice. It does not only look like fun gameplay, also it has a nice look!

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - aa - 03-21-2015

Wow, looking real god!

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - Mario - 03-24-2015

Very nice work, it's come a very long way since the last time I tested it.

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - Z(Rus) - 04-15-2015

map win 2-nd place http://gamebanana.com/blogs/17766 Smile

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - Ogger73 - 04-15-2015

(04-15-2015, 11:32 AM)Z(Rus) Wrote: map win 2-nd place http://gamebanana.com/blogs/17766 Smile

Reading the reviews I'm wondering why second???

This is what they said about #1:
"A very pretty map and by far the most polished both in terms of optimization and also aesthetically. However the judges were disappointed by the fact that the teams only had one route down each, something which cost the map lots of points and which will surely result in stagnant gameplay."

Will surely result in stagnant gameplay... now there's a ringing endorsement!Huh

And then #2 is spoken more highly of:
"We loved playing Xonotic, a little known game that none of us had ever heard of! Thus the judging took a little bit longer than usual as all the judges had to download and learn a new game as well as work out how maps are made for the game! This map follows the games unique art style and fast placed gameplay perfectly so much so that it left like a default map for the game! The bridge, whilst futuristic seemed viable and the vast array of possible routes really made for interesting game-play. It just goes to show that even submissions for small indie games can rank highly in our contests, even against content for much larger and more popular titles!"

What metrics are they judging these maps by? That last sentence in the review makes it sound like an admission that the popularity of the game the map is for factors into the scoring of the map somehow, yet sometimes overcomes this irrelevant biased metric anyway.

Oh heck, don't mind me, I just quit smoking, congrats!

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - SpiKe - 04-16-2015

Congratulations Z(Rus) !

Your map has an interesting futuristic look & feel, I didn't play it online yet but I hope to do it some day! ^^

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - Justin - 04-17-2015

Congratulations! Good atmosphere and interesting idea! I like the fact that those large pieces of steel are spining slowly. Very high quality space map.
Edit: Layout is very simple though. Not sure if its a right or wrong thing. I think both.

RE: [CTF] Space Conflict - kwakkiezalf - 05-05-2015


Looks nice!! Placed mapon element ctf server.

thx kwakkie