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Hello Guys - coolman - 04-01-2015

I'm coolman,I come from the Quebec province,so my english is not perfect.I like to play Xonotic.I'm not that good,but its fun.y9ou can see me online as MATRIX 123,but I play rarely.I'm mostly here to install cool new character models(and maybe maps).

Do someone have the Renamon and Krystal and upload it?Thanks!

RE: Hello Guys - GoregeousGuy - 04-01-2015


RE: Hello Guys - coolman - 04-01-2015

Sorry for DP,but I've found that,is it downloadable and hoe I can install it?


RE: Hello Guys - SPLAT - 04-04-2015


ta gueule

RE: Hello Guys - SpiKe - 04-06-2015

Hello coolman and welcome to the Xonotic forums & community o/

(04-04-2015, 02:36 AM)SPLAT Wrote: welcome

ta gueule

"ta gueule" is quite agressive, it's like saying "shut the fuck up" to a newcomer Huh
I hope it was just a clumsy attempt to show your french skills...

RE: Hello Guys - ThunderCat - 04-11-2015

Hi! and welcome!

0_O that "ta geule", le vent qu'il as mis... Il y as beaucoup de fran├žais sur ce forum? And is it permetted to write in french?

RE: Hello Guys - fabzor3 - 05-10-2015

SO to put a player model in Xonotic you should generally speak to the admins who run a server in your area. Then they put the model on the server, and people who can connect can see the desired model in game, since models are freshly download

Please bear in mind that since you have chosen a half human half blue cat with giant tits, you may actually have some trouble convincing the server admins to put the Krystal model on their particular server, but mate if that's your thing I totally respect that. I guess the challenge herein is to find enough like minded people to actually make a proper furry server, but hey its the internet, and that's why we make this game free and open, so you can take it and customize it.

I know there's some wild furries in openarena, you should probably check that out too.

Good luck and welcome!