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sv_public not working? - BuddyFriendGuy - 04-28-2015

I need some help understand the setting for sv_public. This is from the source code:
  • 1: advertises this server on the master server (so that players can find it in the server browser);
  • 0: allow direct queries only;
  • -1: do not respond to direct queries;
  • -2: do not allow anyone to connect

When I ran a test server (in the cloud, not locally), I set it to 0, but my server still appears in the master server. I got a few visitors as well.

Then Sl@ve told me that it should be -1 (thank you again!) if I don't want it to show in the master server list. I set it to -1, and successfully made it private -- the only way I could connect to it is by typing the IP by hand.

The darkplaces code suggests that the only difference between 1 and 0 is that 1 responds to heartbeat query but 0 doesn't. It seems that 0 still connects to the public list.

What's the use of 0 then?

RE: sv_public unclear explanation? - BuddyFriendGuy - 07-27-2015

Found some answer here:

Quote:If you server already sent a heartbeat to the master, it'll stay in the server list for serveral minutes after you set sv_public 0. If you want to enshure your server is not in the list, use sv_public -1 (that'll make your server ignore any status requests, people who know the ip are still able to cconnect) or sv_public -2 (allows only local connections, so except for you no one can connect, even if they know the server's ip)

RE: sv_public unclear explanation? - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-08-2015

OK, this is not working again. I'm trying to setup a private pickup server (that accepts IRC pickup bot's query), but whenever I set sv_public 0, my server shows up in the game menu.

EACFreddy suggested me to set it to -1 first and then set it back to 0, but whenever I switched back to 0, it starts to appear in the game menu.

Any advice?

RE: sv_public not working? - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-10-2015

OK. It started to work again (sv_public 0).

It seems that Xonotic HQ will cache my server for a while, and whenever it queries my server, it will reset the cache timer. Therefore, for the HQ to forget my server, I have to configure the server not to respond to the HQ (sv_public -1) for a while (I did a day).