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[WIP] Skybases (vehicle CTF map) - Penguinum-tea - 05-14-2015

Hello. I recently played on Vehicle Warfare server. Some people said that there are too few maps for vehicle CTF games. Two players said they like battles in the sky. I like them too, so I've decided to make a map with lots of space. It's not as big as facingworlds_evolved, though.
Link to .pk3 file
Every base has 4 turrets, 2 raptors and 2 racers. There are also 2 little platforms with racers, you can teleport from your base to platform, get racer and try to make fast capture (your platform is closer to enemy base). There is also useless camper platform in the middle.
A couple of screenshots:
[Image: h_1431634565_2780139_fd73ac752e.jpg]
[Image: h_1431634566_4740962_bfa91504e1.jpg]
Please note that this map is unfinished. There are no waypoints (anyway, bots don't use vehicles). And default racer is useless here because it can't fly, but racer from Vehicle Warfare could be useful. Also, normal compilation of this map would take hours, so there is only test build of map with rough lighting. I'll make normal build later. Now I need your opinion and advices. Can this map be playable?