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Chat area improvements - acerspyro - 07-13-2015

First of all, the cursor goes under the chat, I don't know if this is a desired behavior.

Second, when you download files, you can still chat... Unless the downloads bars cover up your chat. Either always keep the chat higher than the download bars, or make it go over the download bars.

Third, the ability to use the arrow keys to move forward and backwards in what you've typed, and up and down to go through your chat history (what you've previously typed, not the chat log.)

Also, I know this isn't really chat-related, but when you're downloading maps, it would be nice to be able to press tab to see who's online.

RE: Chat area improvements - BuddyFriendGuy - 07-14-2015

These are good suggestions. I just want you to know it's heard. It may or may not be on the top of the priority.

I also want to add:

1. ctrl-u to delete the whole line before cursor; ctrl-w to delete until the previous space; ctrl-k to delete until the end of line; and perhaps other common in-line editing keys.

2. fix TAB so when there's no leading characters for names, it loops through all names. We have a few users who use hard-to-type characters as the first character of their names.