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RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 07-26-2015

Thank you for taking your time and finding those problems. I will wait a little more for maybe someone else will also post their feedback. I am searching for places to improve myself but it's always better for others to come and have a fresh look at the map, as I have been struggling with it for more then 2 moths so far and it narrows thinking. I probably need to take short break and come back to it later with clear mind. Some of the places I was intending to leave unclipped in a first place (like the top pathway you mentioned above waterfall) but now when I think about it this might be a real game changer if player chooses to use it to camp with frag advantage.

I was thinking about gameplay and movement quite a lot. Graphics always come at the very end as it takes time to create models to fit within the environment you are making. Problem came when I decided to start adding things that would look good (or at least I thought they looked good) after setting the final layout. Funny fact is that the more time you spent on designing your map the more sophisticated and unnecessarily complex outcome will be. With every project comes another lesson.

And there is this search for perfection. It sometimes feels like the more you work on something the better it should get. I guess there is a certain point where others should take close look at what are you doing and set you on the right path. Therefore I am waiting for more feedback. Stay tuned.

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Mirio - 07-27-2015

And more:

http://i.imgur.com/f2dAW4H.jpg - Apparantly you can stay there..
http://i.imgur.com/mLCRgwi.jpg - ..and you can jump behind it..
http://i.imgur.com/9esPsKg.jpg - ..and fall down even further Smile

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - aa - 07-27-2015

Who said penguins xonotic players can't fly???

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 07-29-2015

(07-27-2015, 11:02 AM)aa Wrote: Who said penguins xonotic players can't fly???
They certainly can, you are right as always, aa.


[Image: erbium-r14.jpg]

[Image: erbium-r17.jpg]


Clipping 'bugs' fixed,
minor texture changes,
slightly more light,
trickjump near mortar added,
minor stuff
reduced size of .pk3

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Mario - 07-29-2015

You're improving, young padowan, but there is still much to learn in the ways of the compression force...

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 07-29-2015

eh. One day I will learn your ways, master Mario. For now I will post your download link as official version if you don't mind... Dunno how long your link is going to be active so I placed it on my dropbox as well. Main post shall be updated as well.

13.9 MB.... geez

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - aa - 07-29-2015

This map makes my mouth water. Its like a piece of cake, so pretty, I want to eat it, eat it fast, and all by myself.

I cant comment on the chewing process howether (gameplay), as i am away from home currently.

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Mario - 07-29-2015


RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - BuddyFriendGuy - 07-29-2015

Shall we also have a compression contest? Smile

Thanks, both. Mario, could you share your secret ingredient?

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - SPLAT - 07-29-2015

(07-29-2015, 10:56 PM)BuddyFriendGuy Wrote: Shall we also have a compression contest? Smile

Thanks, both. Mario, could you share your secret ingredient?

Mushrooms and peaches

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - sev - 07-30-2015

Technically, Mario is cheating because he converts the images to jpg, which causes a (negligible) loss of quality. Dodgy
Of course, as a map creator, you should always keep uncompressed textures, and only perform lossy compression for the release.

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 07-30-2015

Thanks, guys! And the winner of compressing competition is Mario! (sorry Sev) Angel Feel free to download Mario's version. I checked and the quality seems OK. The biggest difference make lightmaps as converting them into .jpgs caused some artifacts on walls (especially where shadows are) but it is negligible. All right. I would love to see a serious duel on this version. I am also wondering if the map could work good for FFA, but the primary goal was always duel.

I checked if Mario hasn't deleted some models from the map, or removed textures or sounds but it seems like that's not the case... But don't try to compress it further as I am afraid at the end there will be no map left to compress... Some might even release version that has negative size. O-o

I updated first post with the Mario's download.

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - -maniac|Su- - 07-30-2015

one of my favorite maps on mapcontest ...

looks cool - very good lookin details ...

GreetZ Su

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 08-01-2015

Thank you, ManiaclSu. It means a lot to me.

In case someone doesn't have Xonotic or for some reason can't play I made youtube presentation:

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Smilecythe - 08-01-2015

That pass through elevator is a nice feature Smile

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Mirio - 08-01-2015

(08-01-2015, 06:11 PM)Smilecythe Wrote: That pass through elevator is a nice feature Smile

More like a bug as is happens with any lift. Wink
  • Is there a reason why you can't activate the lift by touching the button (or does it work and I am just too bad?)?
  • The bottom texture does not continue at the other side of the warpzone: http://i.imgur.com/nlEuNJa.jpg
  • +gametype kh

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 08-02-2015

The texture should be ok, Mirio, chcek if you downloaded last version. (smallest)Shy
The elevator was supposed to work ONLY by shooting the button! Anyway, it should be better, for player can rise the elevATOR FROM DISTANCE. I thought it could also confuse your opponent when he/she hears elevator but there is no player on top of it!Huh

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - -maniac|Su- - 08-02-2015

Like I said:
Thank you very very much 4 this amazing map Big Grin

map uploaded to both server:

(Prophets) Duel Sanctuary [InstaGib|Hook]
(Prophets) DeathMatch Temple [InstaGib|Hook]

Have Fun ...

GreetZ Su

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Brot - 08-03-2015

Very nice map Smile

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 08-05-2015

Thank you, Brot and weclome to forums! Happy fraggin' and mapping (?) ! Big Grin

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - proraide - 08-08-2015

Hey nice map!

Just a few nitpicks:
[Image: lMrtT2Y.jpg]
"partial" structures when jumping around
[Image: oB2iMco.jpg]
one can't fall off here while on the other side of mega it's possible fall off from rocks
[Image: depfEom.jpg]
"partial structures" seen while standing on the "other" side of mega
[Image: D7ghsdo.jpg]
missing bottom of the structure which is above?
[Image: 6Cyyp1i.jpg]
misaligned textures
[Image: 7AiixQM.jpg]
needs clipping, one can stand in the thing
[Image: 4ejp0aq.jpg]
is this the sky I see?
[Image: Kc9dWX5.jpg]
some leftover patches?

Ok, maybe more then few, but I really like the map and most of them should be easy fixes ;)

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 08-08-2015

I'm on it, Pro! Thanks a lot!

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 08-12-2015

(08-08-2015, 08:21 AM)Justin Wrote: I'm on it, Pro! Thanks a lot!

Slight delay, Should be ok in a few days. I am changing some other minor things

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 08-15-2015

Here it is. Uncompressed lightmaps (17.5 MB) unless Mario reads the post and decides to use his magic Wink

Download last version:

What was changed:
  • Added clipping in several spots and improved clipping in some others
  • Changed trickjump from mortar, now its more smooth
  • Removed most of the bugs Proraider mentioned (not all of them) - 3,4,6,7,8 screenshots - This required changing 2 models and adding some brushes in the scene.
  • Added light in one darker spot

[Image: Pro-fixes.jpg]

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Mario - 08-15-2015

By the power of Grayskull!

Also fixed an issue with low quality warpzones in this copy.