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RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-15-2015

I was able to shave another 5MB by converting those *tga into *jpg. I put it on BuddyFriendGuy server.

EDIT: Didn't refresh to see Mario's post. I've updated the server with Mario's version.

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Justin - 08-16-2015

"clientsettemp_for_type all r_water_resolutionmultiplier 1"? I kind of wanted this to be gone as it gave completly transparent warpzone but you are right: The quality seems better now. I forgot to mention: Now there are moss decals on player spawns. First post updated. Justin OUT.

RE: [Duel/FFA] Erbium - Mario - 08-17-2015

To get the standard wavy effect, I suppose you could copy it from an existing map (stormkeep comes to mind).