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TDM/CTF Clan Tourney #1 (Insta+Hook) - kwakkiezalf - 08-05-2015

Hello Fellow Xono Players,

CTF clan eLeMenT is planning to set up a tournament, basical tdm/ctf minsta + hook. The idea is to play TDM matched and CTF matches.
Planned period will be end September/ or Oktober 2015.

The Tournament is meant for Clan to Clan battles only (so no compiled teams for the occasion).

We welcome good idea's and clans that want to participate/assist to our forum (check out our forum anyway) http://www.element-nex.forumotion.com/t870-clan-tournament

Hope to hear from u guys soon.


RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney - FlighT - 08-05-2015

Hell yeah! Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney - Mirio - 08-05-2015

So, for example you play TDM first and Team A wins, then CTF but Team B wins. How do you decide the winner? Wink (Hint: Duel)

RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney (Insta) - qbit - 08-06-2015

nice idea but how many clans are there .. 3?

RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney (Insta) - kwakkiezalf - 08-06-2015


Maybe 2 games in each mode, and if equal, toss for mode, final game.

Best to visit our forum to work out the exact mode, and post nice ideas.




Currently without Regulars we are looking at, at least 5 clan teams.


RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney (Insta) - Smilecythe - 08-06-2015

2v2, 3v3, 4v4?

RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney (Insta) - Storm - 08-07-2015

It's goingo to be an ctf minsta only with team about 4 Smile

RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney (Insta) - Storm - 08-08-2015

Finaly, tdm will take a part of it ^^
Mirio, there will be 2 game of each, ctf and tdm and if there is an equality, there will be a 5th game but we are searching for more Smile

RE: TDM and CTF Clan tourney (Insta) - kwakkiezalf - 08-08-2015

It will be 4vs4.

Teams that show up with 3 or 2 or 1 play against team with 4....

Teams with 5,6,7, have subs.

Easy does it.

Sign in on our forum (see link earlier) if u want to join.