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trigger_hurt + relay_deactivate - end user - 08-15-2015

I got a function_breakable which has a texture to look like a laser wall and a trigger_hurt field to make it hurt. When the player breaks the laser wall I use relay_deactivate to turn off the trigger_hurt.

For the function_breakable I have it set to return in say 180 seconds but I also need to re-activate the trigger_hurt when 180 seconds is up and the function_breakable comes back. Can't seem to get this going.

Looking at some of the entities. Can I have the function_breakable target a trigger_relay (set the time to 180 seconds) then trigger_relay would target replay_activate which would then re-activate the hurt filed 180 second later as the function_breakable came back at the same time?

RE: trigger_hurt + relay_deactivate - end user - 08-15-2015

Found the answer and its a yes to my above edit.