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my story of how i got here to xonotic - jacob - 06-12-2010

i am turning 13 tomorrow so i thought i should share this with everyone

About 2 years ago i was trying to fix one of my old computers, the hardrive had a bad version of windows on it, so after a few weeks we tried to install linux and it worked, now after messing around with it because i was a noob at it, when i was starting to find out how to do stuff on linux it was time to go to omegacon with my brother so when we went we saw some many people dressed as there favorite character, star trek power rangers everything, so the second day we went there there was gaming on computers, an so i joined the gaming and the game that was in the computers was call of duty world at war and so after being amazed by how awesome a shooter game was i was eager to find a shooter game like it,

and so after omegacon was over i had gotten on my linux computer and i looked at the app bar at the top of the page so when i clicked it there was a game option on it so i clicked and i messed around with some of them then there was this one called open arena and so i clicked it eager to find out what it was, and when i started playing i had wondered how the game got on there it was a awesome game and after looking around to see who added it, it was my dad who had added the game, and he explained how he got it, so when i did what my dad did to get open arena i had found nexuiz it was a very old versions but i had a lot of fun on it, so after a few months of playing i found out that i couldn't join any servers and that it was missing some of the game types and weapons, so after finding out that i had a very old version i started looking for the new version,

i had found the next version although it did not have race, so when i was was having fun with all the new stuff i tried to join a server it worked for the first time in a while and so it had said that i needed to upgrade to version 2.5 so i looked around and i couldn't find it, then i found the website and downloaded it, and so i was just having a awesome time on it,and then there was the next release i downloaded it best game i thought and that i should start helping the devs to create the next release so i started 3d modeling with blender and mapping, and so after a 5 months of just messing around with the game editing it to every thought i had about it, illfonic came so after that xonotix came but my linux computer was broke so i couldnt get it to work on windows considering that i did not know windows at all and the git is not windows at all, so now i wait for the release of xonotic

that is my story of how i got started playing and editing the game called nexuiz, and i hope that i will be able to do it with xonotic 2,

RE: my story of how i got here to xonotic - urmel - 06-12-2010

Welcome to the community, happy birthday and please remember to add some more empty lines when you start your next post Shy

RE: my story of how i got here to xonotic - lopho - 06-12-2010

woah... awesome story! really fascinates me that you started using linux at such a young age. keep it up!
im really eager to see what kind of stuff you made with blender and your maps. contribution and help is always welcome.

well, welcome to this place!

oh, and, yeah. plz try to use more linebreaks and punctuation next time, it was pretty hard to read. Wink

and happy birthday as well.

RE: my story of how i got here to xonotic - Renat - 06-12-2010

Nice story

RE: my story of how i got here to xonotic - Lee_Stricklin - 06-13-2010

Cool story bro.

RE: my story of how i got here to xonotic - lopho - 06-13-2010

Quote:Cool story bro.

damn you stricklin! i had to RESTRAIN myself not to say that Tongue

RE: my story of how i got here to xonotic - Fisume - 06-14-2010

[Image: xb9yt0jpgvcut.gif]

RE: my story of how i got here to xonotic - jacob - 06-26-2010

thanks everyone