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HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - Smilecythe - 09-11-2015

I have a longer 16min frag movie project under work. These are the deleted scenes/filler frags which I've been replacing with nicer frags in the actual project. Enjoy Wink

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fp2sx2skt9cbv94/hubwalken.mp4?dl=0

RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - machine! - 09-11-2015

Really good editing! I enjoyed it very much.

Config a bit too dark for my taste but it fits the music I guess, also hope it's not 16min of hub in your full length project. Wink

RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - Mirio - 09-11-2015

Looking forward to 16 mins of Aerowalk! Tongue

RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - kojn^ - 09-12-2015

Good little Moo-Veh. Smile

RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - MathCubes - 09-12-2015

Nice Work

RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - SilenceKiller - 09-14-2015

nice one Big Grin

RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - BuddyFriendGuy - 09-15-2015


Curious: what's that ding sound whenever you hit the enemy? Is that custom sound? Which file is that? I think using the sound feedback (what you do) is better than changing the cross-hair color (what I do).

RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - Smilecythe - 09-15-2015

Yes, it's a custom sound.


RE: HUBWALKEN (short fragmovie) - BuddyFriendGuy - 09-18-2015

Thank you. I really like this clear feedback of hit.