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Strange Attraction - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 06-12-2010

(feel free to use the title for a song name)

now playing: lopho - Flooring

Why are we here? Is it this game we were attracted by or the community? i always have to wonder if it's like this in other games. Do You feel like improving things? Do You care for others? Do You feel that life is valuable? Does injustice bother You? Have you seen "Watchmen"? Who did You identify with?

This is just a rough start. Add Your own questions or just discuss. That's all for now, folks. Awaiting your replies.

RE: Strange Attraction - Elister - 07-05-2010

hi there,well what do you mean by Strange Attraction ??

RE: Strange Attraction - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 07-06-2010

Uff.... it was a random title. i like to make up titles like so.

RE: Strange Attraction - Slup - 07-09-2010

havent seen watchmen D:

RE: Strange Attraction - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 07-10-2010

You don't have to. Is it a movie You would like to see? Does it interest You?

RE: Strange Attraction - kuniu the frogg - 07-10-2010

i've seen Watchmen. Quite an interesting movie i must say. About identyfying with some characters from it... Ozymandias - such a rich and powerful man (with Dr Manhatans powers in service) could (i'm sure he could) achieve his goal in other way than killing so many people, including his "friends".
Rorschach - i wish i would have such a strong will and would be ready to defend my conception of the reality, my beliefs, at all costs, as he did.

About your other questions Mr. 4m - yes, i belive my life is valuable. I'm doing my best, trying not to make harm to anyone, help only if i could. I belive that good things that you make (also evil) will always return to you in some way. Anyway, i belive it's worth trying.

P.S. I also have to mention Silk Spectre (Malin Akerman) - maybe not a great piece of acting art, but definitely a beautiful woman Big Grin

RE: Strange Attraction - lda17h - 07-12-2010

Nice song.. I really like it..

RE: Strange Attraction - Slup - 07-13-2010

hmmm i yes i would like to see watchmen
i think im interested... arent I?...
what is interest?
what are emotions?
who made the human?
where do i come from?
who am I?
what is the sense of living?
aaah this is to much!
*commits suicide*SadConfusedUndecided