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How to shorten server mapchange delay (v.0.8.1) - nanobug - 10-09-2015

It seems the dedicated server has some delay when showing stats after a map is done and before the new map gets started. Is there a config params to reduce this ?

Currently I feel that it is about 20-30 seconds before the next map starts.
There is no output on the server-console for that time.

All players staring onto the stats for is annoying.

Version is 0.8.1:
map voting is turned off.
'g_start_delay 1' did not change anything in respect to this delay.
'sv_mapchange_delay 1' also had no influence.

RE: How to shorten server mapchange delay (v.0.8.1) - Mario - 10-10-2015

Your question on IRC wasn't very clear, it seems (not showing any indication of noticing our responses didn't help).
There is no 20 second delay between scores and map change, it sounds like you've run into some kind of issue.

I can only suggest some things to try, as it's been a very long time since I last saw this issue, but you may have some luck with the following:
fs_rescan; g_maplist ""

This rescans the file system and resets the map list (a usual process when adding new maps to the server).
Other than that, maybe try with sv_mapchange_delay -10 (according to the code, an extra 10 seconds is added unless player presses jump key).

RE: How to shorten server mapchange delay (v.0.8.1) - nanobug - 10-12-2015

Thanks, for your help.
I did'nt saw the IRC answer on friday, sorry.
The delay is coming from the stats update system. It was trying to connect to a not exisiting uri.

g_playerstats_uri ""
g_playerstats_playerdetail_uri ""
g_playerstats_gamereport_uri ""

made everyting work as expected.Big Grin