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Hi everyone ^-^ - Ploplo - 10-16-2015

Hello everyone!

So, it's simple, a friend talked to me about the old Nexuiz, then i saw this was it's successor, so i downloaded 5days ago and started... and it's really awesome so far =o

Then again i've done lots of UT99/2004, and Q3A/QL, and i love arena shooters.
And i really like the weapon combos here =)

So i'll probably stay around , at least for now. Even though it's a bit hard to always find people playing, especially on "standard" servers.

Oh and, i havn't checked that yet... but if there's any needs or wanted help for development aspect.... i might be able to help at some point. But not gonna say anything for sure now ^^

RE: Hi everyone ^-^ - Mirio - 10-16-2015


join IRC QuakeNet #xonotic.pickup for standard (called "vanilla") games. Wink

RE: Hi everyone ^-^ - SPLAT - 10-16-2015

Don't worry. There are still many vanilla players who enjoy Xonotic.

Have fun

RE: Hi everyone ^-^ - Smilecythe - 10-16-2015

Nice airshots on Jeff's the other day and welcome Big Grin

RE: Hi everyone ^-^ - Ploplo - 10-16-2015

(10-16-2015, 04:01 PM)Smilecythe Wrote: Nice airshots on Jeff's the other day and welcome Big Grin

Heh, i've always enjoyed doing airshots, even just for style.
Sadly i'm not that good in general ^^

Also, i guess i should go check that IRC channel. Maybe do some games like that.
But that might take a while, since i'm quite shy and all.
And i don't have that much experience at all, especially in duels. Although i have seen how it plays out, mostly from Quake 3/Live matches =p