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banned - LeMaitreDuFrag - 10-25-2015

I'd like to know why I was banned from the regulars insta-ctf server because I trolled smiley while this one is insulting anyone on every server and can run everywhere without getting banned.

RE: banned - Smilecythe - 10-25-2015

I thought I was banned too so I asked Qbit what's up and apparently for some people (Qbit included) it takes a few tries to connect to the server successfully. Did not know why.

RE: banned - LeMaitreDuFrag - 10-25-2015

Anyway, for me it's different, as my nickname was smiley (just to have fun Big Grin), and someone votekicked me for not being the original.
Hope it will be resolved soon.

RE: banned - LeMaitreDuFrag - 10-25-2015

resolved Smile
thank you

RE: banned - LeMaitreDuFrag - 10-25-2015

Moved thread? What does this mean?