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ctf_halloween - Z(Rus) - 11-01-2015

Halloween in space, in the hold of a spaceship with rats.(rat is all you)
Download 21 mb

[Image: 563679da60701.jpg]
[Image: 563679d69dd2e.jpg]
[Image: 563679f66a4da.jpg]
[Image: 56367ab147c73.jpg]

RE: ctf_halloween - Beagle - 11-01-2015

Nice map, for 2016 Halloween since 2015 is over Big Grin

RE: ctf_halloween - SPLAT - 11-01-2015

Ill have Mario put this on SMB Kansas and give it a whirl. Looks like a fun map Smile

RE: ctf_halloween - Beagle - 11-01-2015

Lets go get him Smile

RE: ctf_halloween - Mario - 11-02-2015

Here's a smaller version for servers: http://smb.djstrikes3.com/ctf_halloween_small.pk3

RE: ctf_halloween - proraide - 11-02-2015

I definitely feel like rat on it Big Grin

One nitpick it's bit weird that candles with fire don't burn, though they seem to be used to get to higher places, so I'm not sure if they should :|

Btw what editor did you use? Those pumpkins look like a bit of work for netradiant (not impossible but still...)

RE: ctf_halloween - Z(Rus) - 11-03-2015

i use standart tools from netradint, this is not so hard to do if you know how)

RE: ctf_halloween - Orbiter Sunblast - 11-07-2015

Nice map you have here.